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January 21, 2022

Catalin Radulescu, the deputy with a machine gun, heard by prosecutors in the case related to disturbing the peace and public order

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) MP Catalin Radulescu has been heard by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor General in the case related to disturbing peace and public order, opened as a result of his statements that he has an AKM machine gun which he is ready to use.

Catalin Radulescu was heard on March 15, after prosecutors of the Prosecutor General have opened a case for disturbing peace and public order, after the parliamentarian stated in an interview that he kept his AKM machine gun which he used to fight in the Revolution, saying that he is ready to use it again. At the same time, he criticized the protesters in the Victoriei Square.

The MP told prosecutor that he regrets that “his statements have been emphasized”, stating that he had no intention to threat someone or to cause “a state of insecurity”.

“I started to brag, to praise myself, saying that I have the gun I had in the Revolution, which is not true. I didn’t fire in the Revolution. I was the victim of my own superficiality”, stated the MP to the prosecutors.

Subsequently to the statements made by the parliamentarian, the Arges Police started investigations on the weapons held by Catalin Radulescu, and his right to hold weapons has been suspended.

Judicial sources stated for MEDIAFAX that the MP has been also heard by the military prosecutors in the Mineriada case, after an intimation has been filed by Asociatia 21 Decembrie 1989.


MP Catalin Radulescu has announced that he suspends himself from PSD


MP Catalin Radulescu announced on Monday, in a press release sent to the local Media in Arges, that he suspends himself from PSD until all the issues related to the statements he made in the public space will be clarified.

“Since I have a seniority of 21 years in PSD, I don’t wish to cause any damage to the image of the party and the PSD President, therefore I suspend myself until all the issues related to this Media scandal will be clarified, in order to prove my good faith and the fact that the interpretation of my words and opinions has been distorted, to discredit my image and my political activity. I remain loyal to the PSD principles, program and leadership”, shows the press release.

The deputy claims that his statements have been distorted, but he apologizes to those who felt themselves harmed by the things that appeared in the public space.

“I regret that my words have been interpreted in a different way, totally distorted and untrue, being taken phrases from different subjects, from an interview of 90 minutes, and attached in a 2-minute video in a manner used by Securitate. I apologize to the people having good faith who felt themselves harmed by the unfair interpretation of my words, since I have never been involved in any act of disturbing the public order in my whole career and until this age”, is mentioned in the press release.

Radulescu also claims that “any investigation on the political statements and opinions of a parliamentarian is illegal and unconstitutional”, invoking to this end provisions of the Constitution.

On the other hand, MP Catalin Radulescu went on an eight-day leave, his request being approved on Monday by the Permanent Bureau of the Deputies’ Chamber.

The deputy requested an eight-day paid leave, but since he has already benefited from three days of leave, the Permanent Bureau approved five days of paid leave and three days of unpaid leave, according to the Secretary of the Permanent Bureau, Ioana Bran.

According to the request, Radulescu asked for a leave from March 20 to March 23 and from March 27 to March 30, in order “to make his medical investigations abroad”. “My health status is not very good. I mention that I haven’t benefited from any day of leave in the 2012-2016 term” shows the request submitted by Radulescu.

Prosecutor General proceeded ex officio after Catalin Radulescu, who is an Arges PSD MP, stated in an interview for “Adevarul”: “Why do people still go in Victoriei Square, and why don’t we use water cannons against them, if they don’t have any reason anymore? We cannot turn a place in a wasteland, we should do what they did in France, in America, everywhere. We did it, we asked for authorization, they should also ask for authorization”.

He also said that he has an AKM machine gun: “If somebody comes again with the idea to change this state for which we fought, I am ready to take my gun and shoot. Right away! Right away! But I can go wherever I want, if some crazy idea comes to me, I can go and shoot wherever I want, it’s my risk and my decision”.

Later, police officers have canceled Radulescu’s right to hold weapons, and he was fined with RON 2,500. Also, IPJ Arges notified the Prosecutor General on breaching the regime of weapons and ammunition.


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