Justice Minister asks Senate for “useful” information on Parliament’s CVM progress

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has sent to the Senate leadership a letter asking for “useful” information in order to correctly inform the European Commission about the progress Parliament has made as part of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM), in view of preparing the evaluation mission scheduled for May.

“The Commission’s Report to the European Parliament and European Council, concerning the progress Romania made as part of the CVM, was published on 25 January 2017. The report sums up the key measures that must be carried out to fully fulfil the CMV objectives. Likewise, the European Commission stipulates, in a first, the procedure of temporarily closing some conditionalities: when measures are carried out for each of them, the objective will be considered temporarily finalised. When this is done for all the benchmark objectives, the CVM will be lifted. The European Commission has expressed its intention to present the next report at the end of 2017,” the Justice Minister’s letter reads.

Tudorel Toader is asking the Senate for “useful” information on the progress that Parliament has made as part of the CVM.

“In view of preparing the evaluation mission that will take place in May 2017, the Justice Ministry will author a consolidated progress report. Considering that some of the 12 recommendations of the report also concern the activity of the Romanian Parliament, I hereby respectfully ask you to offer us the information you consider useful for the proper informing of the European Commission,” Justice Minister Tudorel Toader points out.


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