In Prahova, the International Francophonie Day has been celebrated as a… poetic picnic

In Prahova County, the International Francophonie Day has been celebrated in an original way. Hundreds of young people, together with their French teachers, have simultaneously attended, at the same time, in three cities, a cultural event held as a… poetic picnic.

On Monday, March 20, 2017, the International Francophonie Day has been celebrated in three cities in Prahova County as a poetic picnic entitled “Haikunoi 2017”.

Specifically, as a result of the success of the first two editions, the Ploiesti French Alliance has prepared a new campaign called “Picnic Poetic – Haikunoi”, its partners being the County Council, the County Museum of Natural Sciences and the School inspectorate – all of them belonging to Prahova County.

Hundreds of students from 17 schools and high schools in the county have attended the event, which was held in three different places, namely at the Culture Palace of Ploiesti, at the “Mihail Cantacuzino” College of Sinaia, and at the “Nicolae Iorga” National College of Valenii de Munte, from 12.00 to 14.00.

All this time, the participants had the opportunity to attend to the activities proposed by organizers, publishing their own haiku creations, which most often were accompanied by suggestive drawings, on the Facebook page of the event or on their personal page, adding the hashtag #Haikunoi2017. To celebrate the Month of Francophonie, this major event aimed to promote French language and multilingualism in a festive ambiance, to which students and French teachers, as well as representatives of public institutions and of the business sector have attended. Besides it was a favorable moment to share poetic creations in French on the social networks, this meeting aimed to bring together the French speakers. The main initiator of this event was Ploiesti French Alliance, which is a member of the French Alliance from worldwide since 1991, benefitting from the support of the French Embassy, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the French Alliance of Paris. Locally, the French Alliance is supported by the local authorities and has a good cooperation with the French companies established in the Prahova County.

We mention that the International Francophonie Day is celebrated every year on March 20, thus marking the date on which, in 1970, 21 states and governments signed the convention establishing the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation, an intergovernmental organization founded on a common denominator, namely the use of the French language. Being a cultural project, it has been permanently developed, so that in 2005 the above mentioned agency turned into the International Organization of La Francophonie. The term “Francophonie” has been introduced around 1880, when the French geographer Onesime Reclus used it to refer to all the people and countries speaking French. Since then, the term is written with the lowercase “f” to name the French speakers, and with capital letter “F” to refer to the institutional mechanism that manages the relationships between the francophone countries. According to the most recent report of the French Language Observatory, published in 2014, the number of the French speakers on the five continents has been estimated to 274 million people.

Romania joined the International Organization of La Francophonie in 1993, and since then, as full member of this structure, it is one of the countries that celebrate the International Francophonie Day.

The theme of this year’s edition of the international Francophonie Day was called “I Love, I Share!”, which refers to changes, innovations and sustainable development. This theme also referred to promoting the activities dedicated to this day on the social networks, a perfect challenge for the poetic picnic “Haikunoi”, initiated by Ploiesti French Alliance.





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