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January 25, 2021

MEP Bostinaru: LIBE Committee members will come in Bucharest to discuss about the Criminal Code and the secret protocols

MEP Victor Bostinaru stated on Thursday for RFI that the members of the European Parliament’s  Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) will come in Bucharest to discuss on the stage of the amendments to the Criminal Code, secret protocols and prison matters, and they will possibly visit a Romanian penitentiary.

Asked if LIBE Committee will finally issue a report on the situation in Romania, the Social Democrat stated that the Committee’s representatives will come in Bucharest to discuss on the stage of the amendments to the Criminal Code.

“There will not be a report, because the title of the yesterday’s event was «exchange of views» (…) This exchange of vies will deepen by the visit in Bucharest, where the discussion will be exactly on the things proposed by the PSD Romania delegation at the moment of the first debate in Parliament, namely the stage of the amendments to the Criminal Code, including the constitutional matters, the matter of the abuses and the decisions of the Constitutional Court (…). After that, the prison matters will be discussed, a raid on one of the Romanian prisons is likely to occur (…) and there will be a discussion on the secret protocols (…). Probably, after this, the report or a final LIBE discussion and the conclusions of these discussions will be transferred to the European Commission, and I am sure the next MCV will mention for the first time in the annual report, which might be the last, also these facts that have never been mentioned until now, since the European Commission rather prefers a small number of NGOs and privileged information sources” Victor Bostinaru answered.

The MEP has also spoke about the position of the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu at the debate held by LIBE Committee.

“Let’s clear this out: between an eminent connoisseur of Constitutional Law and issues, namely Minister Toader, and somebody who issues opinions on the Criminal Law matter, on constitutionality, namely Mr. Liiceanu, I whole heartedly believe Mr. Toader” underlined the Social Democrat.

Victor Bostinaru said that GEO 13 on amending Criminal Codes has been “lamentably” prepared.

“I agree with Minister Toader, the way in which the ordinance has been prepared was lamentable, its content on merits was referring exactly to the matters that Government has to fix, and this time it will fix them in the Parliament, where the debate has to take place. Another issue has been also confirmed: there was no hidden intention of the Government. The evidence is that during the process of issuing and adopting the amendments, LIBE Committee and European Commission will participate, they will be informed, and this transparency will finally stop Mrs. Macovei’s capacity to manipulate and instigate people against Romania when she believes it is necessary” added the Social Democrat.

The MEP mentioned that “the street also had an emotional component that made people going out in the street, it was also an instigation component, which urged to going out in the street, but in the end Romania has been uselessly and dangerously humiliated in the European Parliament, and it’s a good thing that this process has ended yesterday, to return to the cold analysis of the facts”.

“On the other hand, the Government, and I hope that the future Governments, has understood that the important, sensitive issues must be transparently discussed in Parliament, where they must be discussed”, Victor Bostinaru added. On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has held a debate on the democracy and Justice in Romania, as a result of the scandal caused by GEO 13. The parliamentarians in Brussels want to know how the events in our country occurred in the context of that normative act, directly from those who have been involved. Among the speakers, were included the Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, the philosopher Gabriel Liiceanu and journalists Liviu Avram from Adevarul and Attila Biro from Rise Project. Approx. 20 representatives of the protesters in the great Romanian cities are also present at the debates in European Parliament’s LIBE Committee on the matter of democracy and Justice in our country.


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