PSD’s Dragnea says has asked ALDE’s Tariceanu, Constantin to make decision inside party by weekend

The Social Democratic Party (PSD)’s leader Liviu Dragnea on Wednesday said he has talked to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE, minor at rule) co-leaders Daniel Constantin and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and asked the both to try to make a decision by end of the week, in a statutory forum regarding the path they are to take.

“I’ve talked to both Mr. Daniel Constantin and Mr. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (on Tuesday – editor’s note), I’ve presented them my wish and our will for the situation inside the ALDE to be stable and calm, as we are the same serious partner for year now, never generating troubles within a party we were allied with. I’ve expressed hope that they are going to get along. It is not on me to tell one or another what to do, but at the same time, I’ve asked them to find a solution or make a decision by the end of the week in a statutory forum of their party, which we should be informed about, so we understood the whereabouts of the path inside the ALDE or what their intention is, what is the plan there,” Dragnea said at the Parliament Palace.

He added that he wasn’t that “comfortable” to talk with the two ALDE heads separately and that he is not a marriage counselor either, to say his word on whether the two will get along or not.

“I further hope there is a way the two will reconcile, I believe the interest for the political stability in this country is way higher. I don’t know which their decision will be, but we want to know who we are talking to. We are not at an impasse. I said it and still say it with all responsibility: the governmental majority is not at risk, it is further stable, but nor to us as a party, neither to the Government or the Premier is comfortable to have inside a partner party such discussions which become more and more malicious with the day,” Dragnea stressed.

He said that the parliamentary majority is not at risk, being stable, but he mentioned that nor to PSD, neither to the PM or to the Government is comfortable to have discussions which become more and more “malicious” every day, inside a dialogue partner.


“I cannot exclude the alternative of a nationalist party, with Ponta and Constantin”


PSD’s Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday, asking to a question, that he cannot exclude the alternative or scenario in which the former PM Victor Ponta and the ALDE Co-President Daniel Constantin would be part of a nationalist party.

Being asked to comment the scenario of a nationalist party with Daniel Constantin and Victor Ponta, and also asked if this could be the reason of ALDE’s rupture, Dragnea answered: “I cannot exclude this alternative, but I have only the same kind of information as you have – generally they are coming from rumors”.

Dragnea said that he met Bogdan Diaconu on Tuesday, at the latter’s request.

“One day before I was called by Mr. Bogdan Diaconu. He asked me to meet him, so we’ve met. He told me two things: that the announcement or the information by sources according to which PRU has merged or it is going to merge with the National Force is not real. He told me that PRU intends to become a nationalist party, but in modern terms, with objectives which they want to make public in the coming period, and that it doesn’t intend to ally with the National Force”, Dragnea stated.

He said that Diaconu didn’t ask for his support, and he didn’t ask him why he came to tell him these things.

Asked if Ponta and Constantin want to join the United Romania Party (PRU), Dragnea answered ironically: “I’m not their adviser, I didn’t ask them, they don’t give me such information, it’s a classified information, however”.



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