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October 20, 2020

Romania, Republic of Moldova – joint government meeting in Piatra Neamt. PM Grindeanu: Republic of Moldova’s European path must be further consolidated, Romania remains committed to offer support

Premier Sorin Grindeanu stated on Thursday, following the joint government meeting held with the Moldovan Government, that the reform process must be accelerated in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the country’s European route, pointing out that Romania expects “consistency and seriousness.”

“We believe it’s time for concrete actions. The processes of reform must be accelerated and the Republic of Moldova’s European path must be further consolidated. Romania expects consistency and seriousness on the part of the Republic of Moldova. But the European option can give durable answers to the Moldovan citizens’ expectations for prosperity and stability. We are prepared to continue supporting the Republic of Moldova on this road,” Grindeanu stated in Piatra Neamt.

He labelled the meeting between the two governments as pragmatic, adding that the dialogue was “constructive.”


“We want our investment presence in Republic of Moldova to get strengthened”


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu declared on Thursday that Romania wishes to consolidate its investment presence in the Republic of Moldova and to participate in any possible privatization process, in observance of regulations.

“We, Romania, are considering moving into a new stage, as presence in the country. We wish to reinforce Romanian investment presence in the Republic of Moldova. We want to be part of possible privatization processes taking place in the next period in Moldova (…) observing all the transparent procedures you might have,” said Grindeanu at the end of the joint sitting of the two countries’ governments, held in eastern Piatra Neamt.

He specified that “tangible things” concerning the development of relations between Bucharest and Chisinau were discussed during the meeting – energy, infrastructure, environment, regional development projects.

“Romania’s activity will continue to have a double role: firstly, stabilising Moldova and building institutional and democratic frameworks. Secondly, acting as a political, strategic, and also physical anchor for the Republic of Moldova in the European area,” the Prime Minister added.

“It’s important for the Republic of Moldova to capitalise on all opportunities offered by NATO”

Premier Sorin Grindeanu stated on Thursday that it is important for the Republic of Moldova to capitalise on all opportunities offered by the North Atlantic Alliance, pointing out that the NATO Office opened in Chisinau is such an opportunity.

“We believe it’s important for the Republic of Moldova to capitalise on all the opportunities offered by NATO, and the NATO Office in Chisinau is such an opportunity, which the Republic of Moldova can capitalise on,” Grindeanu said at the end of the joint government meeting.

Asked about the Moldovan President’s refusal to allow a contingent of Moldovan soldiers to take part in a military exercise in Romania, Prime Minister Grindeanu said that in the relationship with the neighbouring country the Romanian Government’s main partner of dialogue is the Moldovan Government.

“Today, the defence domain was on our joint meeting’s agenda. (…) The fact that at this moment (…) 800 soldiers – and not only soldiers – from the Republic of Moldova were trained with our help is a good thing, it’s a start,” the Prime Minister said.


Romanian PM: Iasi-Ungheni natural gas pipeline will be finalised before 2019


The Iasi-Ungheni natural gas pipeline project was analysed during the joint meeting held by the Romanian Government and the Moldovan Government, Premier Sorin Grindeanu announced, pointing out he has the conviction that it will be finalised before 2019.

Asked whether the Moldovan Government has offered guarantees that the Iasi-Ungheni natural gas pipeline project, which includes an extension to Chisinau, will be finalised by 2019, Grindeanu said that this deadline will be “brought forward.”

“It was a point discussed at length during our meeting today. There are concrete deadlines that our Economy Ministry and the representatives from the Republic of Moldova have also undertaken. We, Prime Minister Filip and I, are optimistic that the 2019 deadline will be brought forward,” Premier Grindeanu stated at the joint press conference with his Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip.

In his turn, Pavel Filip stated that the Moldovan Government wants this project finalised by the end of 2018.

“I believe energy security is one of the most important for the Republic of Moldova. (…) What is directly linked to this project, to developing the Ungheni – Chisinau natural gas pipeline, we will do everything possible for this project to be completed by the end of 2018,” Pavel Filip said.

According to the Moldovan Premier, financing agreements have been signed in this sense with both the European Investment Bank and with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

“During the meeting, Minister Tudose gave us very good news. (…) The European Commission has decided to hike the share of the grant with which this project will be financed, from 10 million euros to 40 million euros,” Pavel Filip added.

Pavel Filip: Republic of Moldova and Romania are two twin hearts beating at the same rhythm

Moldovan Premier Pavel Filip stated on Thursday, in Piatra Neamt, that the Republic of Moldova’s national project is the accession to the European Union, adding that “the Republic of Moldova and Romania are two twin hearts beating at the same rhythm, and not for naught.”

“Our national project is for the Republic of Moldova to end up by Romania’s side in the European Union. We have a very good relationship, today we discussed very pragmatically because the closeness between our countries does not consist solely of statements but also of concrete projects. There are concrete projects and the citizens of our countries must understand that relations between countries are not just declarative but also materialise through concrete projects. The Republic of Moldova is a parliamentary country. The Constitution offers more power of decision to the Government and Parliament. In this way, absolutely nothing will change in our relations with Romania, on the contrary, they will become increasingly better, even though some do not like hearing these things. Every time the going got tougher for the Republic of Moldova, Romania offered help. That is what happened with the reimbursable loan too, that is what is happening with this non-reimbursable technical and financial assistance. That is why I see no reason for concern. The interlocutor for Bucharest is the Government and Parliament in Chisinau, just as it is in fact for those from the IMF, the European Commission or the World Bank too, and we have proven this through our activity throughout 2016,” Premier Pavel Filip stated.

At the end of the meeting, he announced that the next bilateral meeting will take place in Chisinau.


 Moldovan Premier: “NATO liaison office will open in Chisinau in July”


Pavel Filip also announced that the NATO liaison office will open in Chisinau in July.

At the same time, Premier Pavel Filip reaffirmed his support for the Moldovan armed forces’ participation in joint NATO exercises abroad.

“I said that the Republic of Moldova is a parliamentary country and the important decisions are taken by the Government and by Parliament. At the same time, the Presidency, the President is also the supreme commander of the armed forces. We had a less pleasant situation when the national armed forces were unable to participate in military exercises that took place in Romania, on the NATO dimension. You know very well President Igor Dodon’s position and what his love for NATO is. We managed to sign an agreement with NATO and a NATO liaison office will open in Chisinau in July. We had talks with the country’s president back then and we explained to him, in very simple terms, that the national armed forces’ plan of activities, which has to do with drills and exercises to a great extent – around 80 percent –, will take place outside the Republic of Moldova, with the support of our partners from NATO. The continued refusal to take part in these exercises would mean the weakening of the national armed forces and does not fit logic for a supreme commander of the armed forces to desire the weakening of the national armed forces. I consider that this is the first and last time we had this confusion and the Moldovan armed forces will in the future take part in all exercises. Moreover, we must express our thanks for this support which is offered for the drills and exercises in which the Moldovan armed forces are taking part too,” Premier Pavel Filip stated.


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