Former MP Roman loses incompatibility trial over late filings

Former MP Petre Roman has lost an incompatibility trial to the National Integrity Agency (ANI) as the Supreme Court on Thursday claimed Roman was late to file his court challenge.

Initially, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Roman, ordering in April 2016 the repealing of a report by ANI that declared former MP Roman incompatible.

The ruling of the Bucharest Court of Appeal was overturned by the Supreme Court of Justice, which on Thursday sustained ANI’s appeal, ruling that Petre Roman was too late to start his court challenge.

In March 2014, ANI announced Roman had been in a state of incompatibility since December 20, 2012, because he was simultaneously an MP as well as a registered individual trader.

Initially, Roman challenged the ANI report in court, but he did do in the wrong court. He filed his challenge with the Bucharest Tribunal in April 2014, but the action was denied because the matter fell under the jurisdiction of the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

Consequently, ANI demanded the Chamber of Deputies to remove Roman from office because the report under which he was declared incompatible became final and binding after not being challenged within the deadline set up by the legislation in force. At a plenary session on February 9, 2015, the Chamber of Deputies took note of Petre Roman’s seat becoming vacant.

Later on, Roman filed another appeal with the Bucharest Court of Appeal and won, but in the end he lost to ANI, who appealed against the decision with the Supreme Court.

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