President Iohannis: Text of Declaration of Rome – positive and balanced, in agreement with Romania’s position

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Saturday in Rome that the text of the Declaration of Rome is “positive” and “balanced,” in agreement with Romania’s position regarding the future of Europe.

“The Declaration’s text is positive and balanced, in agreement with the position promoted by Romania regarding the future of Europe. The concerns expressed by Romania were taken into account within the negotiations regarding a strengthened cooperation. Moreover, an additional reference to cohesion in respect to a prosper and sustainable Europe was also included,” the head of state said.

He underscored that the mention, in the final text of the Declaration of Rome, regarding the concept of strengthened cooperation is strictly made within the provisions of the current Union’s Treaty, the goal being all the states to act together.


Government hails adoption of Declaration of Rome


The Government hails the adoption of the Declaration of Rome, on the occasion of marking the 60th anniversary of the European Union (EU) founding Treaty.

“Romania’s Government hails the adoption, on this day, in Rome, of the Declaration which renews the commitment of the 27 member states regarding the European unity and cohesion objective, the fundamental values and freedoms which are the basis of the community construction,” a release of the Gov’t reveals.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu stated that the Declaration, signed on Saturday, exactly in the hall in which 60 years ago the historical treaty that founded the European Union was signed, is possible only because member states remained united and found common solutions to mutual issues.

In his opinion, this is the path which ensured, all this time, the success of the European project.

“This is why, the Union remains the framework in which Romania, alongside other member states and community institutions, will act in order to defend our mutual interests and priorities. We will contribute, as a member state, as well as a county which will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019, to further integrate and deepen the cooperation between member states, to maintain peace, democracy, stability and security in Europe,” Grindeanu mentioned.

The Gov’t expresses the confidence that, within the reflection process regarding the future of the EU, which is to be carried out in the upcoming period, the 27 member states will have in mind, just as the Declaration of Rome reads, the protection of all the achievements accomplished so far – integrity of the internal market, European freedoms and values, including free movement of people and workers, cohesion policy, Eurozone or strengthening the Union actions in the vicinity, in east, as well as in south.

“We have to continue, without divisions or fragmentations within the EU, these policies for the citizens’ benefit, which represents the “hallmark” of the European integration model. Romania remains fully engaged to work in order to enforce the directions of action convened by the Agenda of Rome, in terms of consolidating the Union. Ten years after the accession, Romania has the capacity and resources to bring a substantial contribution in this process,” the release points out.

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