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May 15, 2021

Romania’s institutions and business environment participate in Earth Hour

Romania’s institutions and business environment join the event titled “Earth Hour,” therefore between 20:30 hrs and 21:30 hrs many of them will turn off their lights.

Numerous institutions joined the Earth Hour movement, such as: the Ministry of Transport, the Presidential Administration, the Parliament, the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations, the AGERPRES National News Agency and others.

“Therefore on Saturday, between 20:30 and 21:30, within the event titled “Earth Hour,” the Transport Ministry will turn off both exterior and interior lights of the CFR Palace. In addition, electronic equipment that won’t interfere with carrying on activities and providing security will be disconnected. By attending this event, the Ministry of Transport manifests its concern for the environmental issues that exist on a global level,” a press release of the institution remitted to AGERPRES reads.

Units of the Romanian Gendarmerie will participate in the event by turning off the regular and neon bulbs, as well as the electronic devices of their headquarters, except the communication system and the unit’s dispatch so it won’t affect the operational capacity and the institution’s missions. Moreover, the fire rescuers will do the same thing in the units where they conduct their activity, between 20:30 and 21:30, without affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the specific missions and tasks.

At the Cotroceni Palace the interior and exterior lighting will be interrupted, and the AGERPRES National News Agency will switch off the lights in its newsrooms.

A number of 1.4 million KWh quantity of energy could be saved, according to estimations, if Romanians will turn off all the lights in their households and disconnect all the electronics for “Earth Hour.”

On 25 March, Earth Hour will start for Romania at 20:30 hrs. For the purpose of conveying a powerful signal for protecting the climate, people around the world will put out their lights for one hour, and “ideally” all the electronics will be unplugged.

Earth Hour is celebrated in Romania starting 2009, continuing the tradition of turning off the lights in a symbolic manner. Numerous private and public institutions around the country are participating in this event.

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