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January 26, 2023

Anti-abortion campaign: Thousands March for Life in Bucharest and in other cities of Romania and Republic of Moldova

*Metropolitan of Cluj: All the young families sould have at least three children, one for the father, one for the mother, and one for the country and the church


More than two thousands of people have participated, on Saturday, in Bucharest, to “The March for Life”, an anti-abortion event organized by the Coalition for the Family both in Bucharest, the march being held from the Unirii Square to the Tineretului Park. At the same time, thousands of people have also marched in more than 280 cities in Romania and Republic of Moldova.

At the end of the 1990s, Romania was recording 992,256 abortions for a population of 23 million people. Romania’s population has decreased in the last 24 years, from 23 million in 1990, to 199 million in 2014. The index of the marital fertility, meaning the index of the children born by fertile women, is 1.4, much below the maintaining population limit, which should be 2.2-2.5. “This reality leads Romania in the ‘90s, on the first place in Europe and on the second place in the world, in the number of abortions related to the population. I was like Romanian people have understood that their freedom is the freedom to kill their unborn babies, without understanding that this means to ruin their future, too” stated David Ilie, one of the organizers of the march in Iasi.

According to him, the pro-abortion trend is the same today, although we can see a decrease of the number of abortions, up to 77,806 abortions in 2014.

In Timisoara, the Metropolitan of Banat stated that “Romania has passed through the Third World War, too”, since “one million abortions were made in 1990”.

“Romania wouldn’t collapse if all the young families would have at least three children, one for the father, one for the mother, and one for the country and the church” said the Metropolitan of Cluj, His Holiness (IPS) Andrei to those who have protested in this city.




The demonstrators who marched in Bucharest wanted to highlight that they don’t demand the banning of abortion, but they wish to support pregnant women by this march.

“This year’s «March for Life» has the theme «Help the mother and the child, it’s up to you!» There are more than 285 cities in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova organizing this march. Our message, always and especially this year, has been focused on the need to support women in pregnancy crisis, on the need to support women who want to give birth and they are in difficult situations, because there are a lot of women who are in tensed situations when they find out that they are pregnant, and instead of have an increasing joy for having a baby, they announce their partners or families, who say, not necessarily, we force you to have an abortion, and this is not fair. By this march we are not demanding the banning of abortions by the law, it’s only a supporting message. We also have concrete measures that we propose, namely the necessity for the NGOs to establish as many counseling and support centers which help pregnant women throughout pregnancy” stated Alexandra Nane, representing the Association Studenti pentru viata (Students for Life – e.n.) for MEDIAFAX.

“I have two beautiful and healthy kids, but I was wrong in the past, I had two abortions because of my husband. I am participating to this march today to tell the young people and to all those raising families, not to do what I’ve done. Abortion means to kill your own child, blood of your blood, and you’ll have to bear this burden for your entire life. I became pregnant when I was 40, all of my friends and the doctors said it’s risky both for me and for the child, recommending me to have an abortion, but I resisted, and my boy is 9 years old today, he is handsome and healthy. Things become right by themselves, that’s why I recommend to everybody to find a life partner with whom they have things in common and to give birth to as many children as possible, because each child is a blessing” stated Georgeta Barascu for MEDIAFAX.

“It seems to me wrong to kill a baby. I believe it’s wrong to have an abortion. I came to this march to support family, life, values that church also supports. I don’t blame women who have abortions, but by participating to this march, I want to send a supporting message for women, to give birth to children” stated Andrei, who is a student, for MEDIAFAX.

At the end of the March for Life, a concert was held in the Tineretului Park.




Approx. 600 people participated on Sunday to “The March for Life” organized in Timisoara; the Metropolitan of Banat has also participated, stating that “Romania has passed through the Third World War, too”, since “one million abortions were made in 1990”.

The demonstrators have agreed to meet in the “Carmen Sylva” Park in Timisoara, around noon, where they listened for one hour the speeches of the representatives of the religious cults, uttering the prayer “Our Father”.

“We ask our parliamentarians, regardless of the party to which they belong, to keep their promise and to let this referendum occur, there are more than three million people who have signed for the referendum. We’ll accept to lose at the referendum, but let us go to referendum, to find out if the majority of the Romanian nation wants perversions to be legalized or the family to be strengthened, I don’t want to offense anybody. I’ve said it before and I repeat: diseases are treated in hospitals, they are not legislated in Parliament. God have mercy on Romania” stated Sami Tutac from the Betel Baptist Christian Church in Timisoara.

The approx. 600 hundred people have marched on the streets of the city on the fanfare music, carrying placards with messages such as “Real doctors don’t kill babies”, “Real men choose life”, “Real men are real fathers, too”, “Stop shedding innocent blood”, “Children are love” or “Abortion stops a beating heart”.

The demonstrators stopped in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Timisoara, and the Metropolitan of Banat, IPS Ioan Selejan, spoke to the crowd about abortions made in Romania in 1990.

“We have learned at the History that Romania was dragged in two World Wars, in which hundreds of thousands of sons of our Romanian nation have perished. I looked myself in the history book that young people are now learning in school, and it doesn’t mention that the Third World War has passed over Romania. Statistics show that one million abortions were made in Romania in 1990. That’s why I’m saying that Romania has passed through the Third World War. We must put our sword into the sheath, and not to pull it out and fight against the most helpless human beings, the baby in its mother’s womb. Everybody knows that Timisoara was the city of the Romanian Revolution. I would also like to hear people saying that Timisoara is the city of life” stated the Metropolitan of Banat.

The demonstrators left from the Metropolitan Cathedral to the Timis Prefecture, accompanied by the Metropolitan of Banat, on a stretch of several hundred meters.




“The March for Life and Against Abortions” was also held in Arad, under the slogan “Help the mother and the child. They depend on you. Together, for Romania’s future”.

It was attended by about 1,500 people. Pastors who made speeches said they wish to tell President Klaus Iohannis and PM Sorin Grindeanu that they support the family formed by a man and a woman, demanding this to be clearly provided by the Constitution.

People in Arad gathered, together with children of all ages, in the “Avram Iancu” Park behind the “Ioan Slavici” Classical Theater of Arad, where a performance has been held, then they walked on the Revolutiei Boulevard until the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Arad Emergency Clinical County Hospital, where they prayed. From here, the participants went to the Orthodox Cathedral at Podgoria, where they also prayed.

Participants had placards with messages against abortion and supporting family and life, such as: “Life is the first and the most important human right”, “Thank you, mother”, “Real men are real fathers, too”, “Real men choose life”, “I’m sorry for having an abortion”, “Abortion kills” or “Help the mother and the child”.

Besides the march in the municipality of Arad, other marches have been held in the eight cities of the county, namely Chisineu Cris, Curtici, Ineu, Lipova, Pecica, Pancota, Santana, Sebis, as well as in the communes of Gurahont and Savarsin.

Another march for life with messages against abortion and supporting the family formed by a man and a woman, was also held on Saturday, in the downtown of Arad, being organized with the support of the neo-protestant churches in the Arad municipality.


Alba Iulia


Around 1,000 people, including many teenagers and young people wearing T-shirts with messages like “I’m glad I am living” and “Stop to abortion” participated on Saturday in Alba Iulia, to the “March for Life”.

The participants in the “March for Life” held in Alba Iulia went in a column on the busiest streets of the city, holding in their hands balloons, placards and banners with messages like “Stop to abortion”, “Life has priority”, “We support life”, “We are a voice for the unborn”, “I am your guardian angel”, “Mother, thank you for letting me exist”, “The child, a gift from God”, “Abortion… One heart stops, other heart breaks”, “Real men choose life” or “For life, for woman, for family”.

The march was attended by around 20 priests and many young people, as well as parents with babies. Some of the participants wore popular clothes.

Father Oliviu Botoi, cultural adviser at the Alba Iulia Archiepiscopate, stated to the MEDIAFAX correspondent that this march aims to encourage maintaining pregnancy.

“This is not a message against the person, but a message by which we especially encourage the Christian family to enter into normality. In the Alba Iulia Archiepiscopate, with the blessing of the His Holiness Archbishop Irineu, the march for life is organized in eight cities. We hope there will be more than 1,000 people in Alba Iulia, supporting life and the values of the Christian family” stated Oliviu Botoi.

Between the two cathedrals, namely the Orthodox one and the Roman-Catholic one, representatives on several cults stopped and made speeches.




“The March for Life” held in Cluj-Napoca was attended by around five hundred people.

“Romania wouldn’t collapse if all the young families would have at least three children, one for the father, one for the mother, and one for the country and the church. We wouldn’t have a demographic collapse in this case. In religious terms, abortion is an outrageous sin” stated the Metropolitan of Cluj, His Holiness (IPS) Andrei, who attended the march.




Almost 2,000 people came out in the streets of Iasi to shoot a warning regarding life and family.

The march held on the streets of the downtown of Iasi was attended by parishioners belonging to the parishes in the city, as well as in the surrounding communes. Most of them came with their children.

“I came to protect family, life, in particular to try to show people that we wish everybody to leave. Family is a home where children can grow nicely, where they can enjoy both of their parents” stated one of the women in Iasi who attended the march.

Stefan came with his daughter Ioana, who is only 3 years old. “We came to support life. Since we have married until we had Ioana, it was quite difficult to wait her and for her not to appear.  Since she was born, our life has changed” stated Stefan.

“We came to confess the true faith, and we support all those who support normality. I mean each child should have a family formed by a mother and a father, and every mother should be able to raise all of her babies in normal circumstances, she shouldn’t be stopped by anybody, she shouldn’t ever think to interrupt her pregnancy” stated another woman who participated to the march, Mihaela.

The March for Life has lasted approx. one hour and a half.




Approx. one thousand people of all ages have attended “The march for Life” in Pitesti, too.

Participants have met in front of the “Alexandru Davila” Theater and they walked, together with the fanfare, on the crosswalk in downtown, where a religious service officiated by His Holiness Father Calinic, The Archbishop of Arges and Muscel, who emphasized the importance of the family, of the need to protect it, speaking about the sin of abortion to those who were present.

Among those who attended the march in Pitesti, there were priests, teachers, students, pupils, as well as grandparents and parents; many of them brought their grandchildren and children with them.

Many of those who have been present, especially men, carried placards with the messages: “80 percent of the abortions are made because of the father’s pressure”, “Real men don’t force women to have abortion”, “Together for life” or “Real men choose life”.

Similar marches have been held in other Romanian cities, such as Oradea, Bistrita, Satu Mare or Botosani.

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