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October 5, 2022

The Day of Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania, celebrated on both sides of the Prut River

On the occasion of celebrating 99 years since Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania, the Romanian Cultural Institute, through the Directorate for Romanians Abroad and Romanian Language, organizes a series of events in Romania and Republic of Moldova. Among the public institutions who joined to support these events, there are those from the Prahova County, considering the tight relationship between the authorities in Prahova and those across the Prut River.

A delegation of the Prahova County Council, led by President Bogdan Toader and by the Vice President Ludmila Sfirloaga, is paying an official visit in the Republic of Moldova, from March 25 to 28, 2017. The representatives of the Prahova authorities will attend the festive events occasioned by celebrating 99 years since the Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania. Specifically, on March 26, in the city of Calarasi from the district with the same name, was held the festive ceremony inaugurating the Monument of the Nation’s Heroes, represented by the statue of a cruciate eagle. On the same day, it was also inaugurated the mini-stadium in the downtown, an investment performed with funds from the Prahova County Council in cooperation with the Calarasi District Council. As it was announced, as a sign of recognition and appreciation for the activity of the County Council, the stadium will receive the name “Prahova”.

The cultural events will continue the next day, on March 27, in the Ulmu village of the Ialoveni District, where the bust of the poet Mihai Eminescu, the symbol of the Romanian culture, will be unveiled. The work will be placed in front of the “Mihai Eminescu” Secondary School of Umu, which celebrates 50 years of activity this year, being made by the efforts of the people in Ulmu and of the Cultural and Historical Society “Mihai Viteazul” from the Prahova County. The event is organized by the Ialoveni District Council, Ulmu City Hall, “Mihai Eminescu” Scondary School, Prahova County Council, Cultural and Historical Society “Mihai Viteazul” of Ploiesti and the Romanian Cultural Institute, which institution will complete the program of the event with a recital held by Aldea-Teodorovici Orchestra. On the occasion of these cultural events, there will be also held meetings of the representatives of the county administration and local public administration of the Prahova County with those of the civil society of the Republic of Moldova, in order to strengthen and develop the bilateral relations. The agenda of the visit also includes a travel in the locality Alexandru Ioan Cuza – The Cahul District.

The visit in the Republic of Moldova will also be a proper occasion to continue the events aiming the twinning between localities form the Prahova County and those from the Republic of Moldova. In this context, the communes of Manesti – from the Prahova County and Abaclia, the Basarabeasca District, as well as the commune of Alunis – from Prahova, and the locality of Sipoteni from the Calarasi District, will become twins. The Mayor of the Blejoi commune from the Prahova Coounty will aslo visit the locality of Bardar – the Ialoveni District, in order to establish a possible twinning. “The events that will be hold in the Republic of Moldova are part of the “Romania 100” Program, which aims to celebrate the centenary of the unification made on December 1, 2018. Thus, by the events held between March 25 and 27, 2017, the relations between the Prahova County and the districts of the Republic of Moldova will be strengthened” announced the representatives of the Prahova County Council, on the occasion of the visit made in the Republic of Moldova.

We mention that the Ploiesti Citi Hall will also mark, on March 27, the 99th anniversary since the Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania. On this occasion, the local authorities will receive the official visit of a delegation from Hincesti, the Republic of Moldova, a city with which Ploiesti is twinned since 2003. On this occasion, after a meeting with the representatives of the Ploiesti City Hall, the guests from Hincesti will visit the Clock Museum and the Prahova County Museum of Natural Sciences.  The agenda of the visit will also include an artistic program held at the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic by a series of folklore ensembles from Ploiesti and Hincesti, as well as watching the play “Take, Ianke si Cadir” at the “Toma Caragiu” Theater.

Given that the day of the Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania will be celebrated on both sides of the Prut River, according to a press release of the Romanian Cultural Institute, on March 26, starting from 18.00, the “Nottara” Theater of Bucharest will perform the play called “Functionarul destinului” by Horia Garbea, directed by Anca Maria Colteanu, on the stage of the “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater. On the same day, starting from 19.00, the Dramatic Theater “Bogdan Petriceicu-Hasdeu” of Cahul will propose the play “Cu jaraticul pe buze” to the audience in Bucharest, after I. Iachim’s novel, directed by Gheorghe Mandru, at the “Nottara” Theater – the “Horia Lovinescu” Hall.

We remind that the Romanian Parliament decided on March 14, 2017, that the day of March 27 – the Day of Bessarabia’s Unification with Romania, will be declared as National Holiday.

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