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April 21, 2021

Coalition for the Family asks the Senate to patronize a seminar on defining family, on April 25

The Coalition for the Family has sent a letter to the Senate, by which it asks the body to organize and patronize a seminar on defining family, given the public discussions on the citizens’ initiative on amending the Constitution, which would define the family as being formed by a man and a woman.

“In the light of the internal events of the recent years, it’s easy to notice a real effervescence of the Romanian civil society, manifested in many ways and in a variety of areas of interest, one of them culminating in a unique citizens’ initiative to gather 3 million signatures in order to amend the Article 48 of the Constitution, meant to protect family and marriage as the union between a man and a woman”, shows the letter.

The Coalition for the Family wishes to organize a seminar on this issue, because we need “a thorough understanding of the importance and impact which the amendment of this article in the Constitution causes, with all the legal consequences resulting from it”.

The organization wants this seminar to be held at the Parliament, on April 25.

“Given the scale and the contextual importance of this seminar, we ask for the support of the Senate in patronizing and hosting the event at the Parliament’s Palace, on April 25, 2017”, is written in the letter.

The document is signed by Mihai Gheorghiu (photo), President of the Initiative Committee of the Coalition for the Family, and by Robert Clarke, ADF International Manager.

On March 7, the Legal Committee of the Deputies’ Chamber has issued a positive opinion, by majority vote, on the citizens’ initiative for revising the Constitution on defining family.

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