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January 19, 2022

JusMin Toader requests Tariceanu to send to Justice Ministry measures adopted by Senate to implement GRECO recommendations

pag 6 justitieJustice Minister Tudorel Toader requests President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, through a letter, to assess the recommendations formulated by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) and to convey until 19 May 2017 to the Justice Ministry information regarding the measures adopted on a legislative and administrative level by the Senate in order to be implemented.

“We request you to analyze the recommendations formulated by the GRECO and convey us the information regarding the measures adopted on a legislative and administrative level by the Senate for their implementation. We would appreciate receiving the reply no more later than 19 May 2017,” the document featured on Monday’s agenda of the Standing Bureau of the Senate reveals.

In the letter its mentioned that within the 70th meeting of the GRECO, that took place in the period 30 November – 4 December 2015, the Evaluation Report regarding Romania within the 4th evaluation round was adopted.

According to the Report, Romania is obligated to send to the GRECO, until 30 June 2017, a Report regarding the measures taken in order to implement the recommendations comprised in the Evaluation Report.

“The 4th Evaluation Round of the GERCO was launched on 1 January 2012 and its topic is “Corruption prevention in respect of members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors.” Within this round there are analyzed aspects regarding persons/ the positions evaluated: ethical principles, rules of conduct and conflicts of interest; prohibition or restriction of certain activities; declaration of assets, declaration of income, expenses and interests; implementing the rules enforced; awareness,” the letter reveals.

The document brings to mind that in respect to corruption prevention, in relation to the members of Parliament, “the GRECO analyzed the provisions of the national legislation, by reference to the following aspects: transparency of the legislative process, remuneration and economic benefits, ethical principles and rules of conduct, conflicts of interest, prohibition or restriction of certain activities (legal provisions that regulate gifts, incompatibilities and accessory activities and financial interests, contacts with state authorities, post-employment restrictions, third party contacts, lobby, misuse of confidential information, abuse of public resources), declaration of assets, income, liabilities and interests, supervision of the MPs conduct, measures of enforcing the legal provisions and immunity, as well as awareness and training process.”

Following the consultations of the evaluation team, the GRECO formulated a series of recommendations regarding the members of Parliament.

Moreover, the GRECO recommends a robust restriction set to be established regarding gifts, hospitality, favors and other benefits for the MPs, improving the system of immunity for the MPs in office and introducing rules regarding the manner in which the MPs interact with lobbyists and third party contacts that try to influence the legislative process.

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