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September 19, 2021

“Nichita at the Equinox”, a new edition of the Festival of Arts under the sign of the Poet of the Unwords

The beginning of the astronomic spring has a totally different significance in Prahova, Ploiesti, in the context in which the revival of the nature is also regarded under the sign of the Poet of the Unwords. Thus, late in March, keeping the tradition, the city where Nichita Stanescu was born hosts the Festival of Arts “Nichita at the Equinox”.

pag 8 nichita afisPrahova County Council and Prahova County Culture Center organize, from March 21 to March 31, 2017, the 12th edition of the Festival of Arts “Nichita at the Equinox”. As in the previous editions, the Mythos Drama Center of Ploiesti has prepared a varied program, honored by the presence of personalities of the Romanian culture and art, a program in which spectacles, exhibitions, recitals, creation workshops, film screenings, are meant to bring the young generation closer to the values of the Romanian spirituality, everything being performed under the spiritual patronage of the great poet from Ploiesti, Nichita Stanescu. The Festival of Arts “Nichita at the Equinox” is the continuer – in a newer, more diversified and modern way – of the cultural event “The Days of the Romanian Poetry”, established as a tribute by a group of intellectuals, one year after the poet’s death, on December 13, 1984. This festival has been initially organized within the Prahova County Culture Center, at the initiative of the EQUINOX Theater, by Prof. Mihai Vasile – director, who established this theater on September 21, 1980. This theater was meant to be a space of interference of the arts and a vanguard artistic school, and for more than three decades, it managed to be the most animated cultural center of the Ploiesti municipality. By its artistic, cultural and educational projects, this theater firstly aimed to create a more tight and real relationship between the artwork and its receptor. The theater and dance performances, the concerts and the film galas – the creation of the young artists and of the graduates of the Ploiesti Popular School of Arts, the creation and interpretation workshops, the colloquia and the debates on various subjects in the artistic, social and educational areas, have attracted an impressive number of young people and important personalities from the artistic world over the years. Thus, having a wide experience in organizing various cultural and artistic events, the Equinox Theater has started organizing also this festival since 2006, until 2013, when it became the Mythos Drama Center. Therefore, the latest editions – 2014, 2015 and 2016 – have been organized by this institution, within the cultural programs of the Prahova County Culture Center. This year, “The Festival of Arts” will be held, as usually, between the spring equinox and the poet’s Birthday, the last day of March. The event aims to be a dynamic festival, as the poet of the Unwords would have also liked it. It began on March 21 and it will end on March 31, by ending the creation workshops of the Nichita Stanescu Free University. It’s a festival with eleven days of performances, workshops, recitals, exhibitions, book launches, colloquia, film screenings, etc. An average of 60 young people from Ploiesti municipality and Prahova County are joining the workshops of the festival; under the spiritual umbrella of the poet Nichita Stanescu from Ploiesti, they have the opportunity to attend all these cultural and artistic events. The festival addresses also to all of those who mainly promote the fundamental human right to have access to culture and art for those interested, regardless of their age; they have the opportunity to participate to all the events for free.

The events inspired by Nichita’s work, presented at this festival, also include: the performance “The trainer of the Angels” by Nichita Stanescu, interpreted by the actors of the Mythos Drama Center, written and directed by Mihai Vasile; the following creation workshops: the calligraphy workshop “Scripta manent”, held by Mihai Vasile; the workshop of signs “Nod 11”, held by Diana Lemnaru; the workshop of sounds “Searching for the Tone”, held by Mihai Vasile; the workshop of images “The Hieroglyph” (photography, film, visual arts), held by Mihai Gheorghe; the workshop of literary architecture “What from are thoughts made” held by Dana Sinziana Vasile, and not at last, the movie “The Greatness of the Cold” – after the show with the same name by Nichita Stanescu, written, staged and directed by Mihai Vasile, the manager of the Mythos Drama Center.


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