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May 12, 2021

Parliament leadership takes note of President’s letter in respect to founding Bucharest Counter-intelligence Detachment, NATO structure

The Standing Bureaus of the Deputies’ Chamber and Senate took note on Monday of the letter sent by President Klaus Iohannis through which he requests Parliament to approve the founding of the Bucharest Counter-intelligence Detachment on Romania’s soil.

“Based on the decisions adopted by the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016, within the measures package for ensuring the advanced adapted presence on the eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance, it was established the founding of some command and control structures of the NATO on Romania’s territory. In order to further implement these measures, the NATO structures in charge notified Romania about the approval of creating on our country’s soil the NATO Counter-intelligence Detachment (ACCI Bucharest Detachment- BuDET),” points out the letter sent by the head of state.

According to the document, establishing this structure is part of the “allied effort to implement in this area, the advanced measures of reaction capacities to the challenges of the international security environment, being an obligation of the Allied Commandment for Counter-intelligence to ensure, through its own means, the counter-intelligence protection of the NATO’s command and control structures.”

The NATO Counter-intelligence Detachment will carry out its activity with the Commandment of South-East Multinational Division in Bucharest, mentions the letter sent by the President. Moreover, in the document it’s revealed that the Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT) approved the founding of this detachment on Romania’s soil.

“Base on the article 3, the letter b) of the Law No.291/2007 regarding the entering, stationing and conducting operations or transit of foreign army forces on Romania’s soil, at the proposal of the Prime Minister of Romania’s Government, I request Parliament the founding of the Bucharest Counter-intelligence Detachment on Romania’s soil, without a military unit indicative,” Klaus Iohannis writes.

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