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August 13, 2022

SRI Oversight Committee head Tutuianu: Next week we conduct first control at SRI’s central unit

The Oversight Committee for the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) activity will carry out next week the first control to a central unit of the SRI, the head of the committee, deputy of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Tutuianu announced on Tuesday.

“Next week we will conduct the first control in a central unit of the Service,” Adrian Tutuianu stated at the end of the meeting of Parliament’s committee in charge with overseeing the SRI activity.

When asked what is the unit, the head of the Parliamentary Committee responded he cannot divulge the data related to the place where he and his colleagues will conduct the verifications.

Last week, Tutuianu stated that after the SRI review on 2016, alongside the colleagues in the committee he will head out to conduct control actions at central units of the SRI.

Previously, he mentioned that the committee’s members have “a control scheduled which is approved for the entire duration of the parliamentary session.”

“We will start with the central institutions, the Service’s central units and we will also go to the county’s intelligence directorates. We stipulated that the attributions of the oversight committee can be exercised inclusively through verifications at the headquarters of the SRI units and we established two control methods: a control with a prior notification of the control’s period and thematic, but also unforeseen controls, based on a thematic established within the committee, at the Service’s central units or located in the territory,” Tutuianu explained.


“Parliament has no legal power to declassify protocols between SRI, DNA”


MP Adrian Tutuianu of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), chairman of Parliament’s committee overseeing the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), said Tuesday that Parliament has no powers to declassify protocols like the ones between SRI and the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), and that, according to the law, initiatives on this matter should originate with the Government and the signatories.

“I have voiced my opinion. Two weeks ago I said very clearly that as far as the committee is concerned, declassifying the protocols would be useful, and I added that there is a legal procedure to that end. Parliament has no power as far as the procedure is concerned, so they have to go to the Government, while the classification imitative should originate with the protocol signatories. Have a look at the law and you will see that the procedure is very clearly established,” Tutuianu said Tuesday at Parliament Palace at the end of the SRI Oversight Committee in response to a question about the possibility for Parliament to pass a decision requesting for SRI-DNA protocols to be declassified.

Asked if Parliament requesting the two organisations to declassify their protocols would mean avoiding the law, the committee chairman said, “we have to take up the law again.”

“There are some declassification conditions expressly mentioned in the law, an initiative that, once again, I do not believe is found in Parliament’s law,” said Tutuianu.

The relevant committees of Parliament will look into whether or not Parliament is entitled to ask for the declassification of SRI’s protocols with state organisations, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea, also PSD national leader, said Monday.

“I have talked to Mr Tariceanu [the Senate chairman] today and we will meet at the joint meeting of the standing bureaus to see procedure-wise if we have such power. I cannot see why we should not have it (…) Since there is nothing illegal or unconstitutional in the protocols, why cannot everybody be satisfied for curiosity’s sake?” said Dragnea.

Asked whether or not he would submit a request to the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) for declassification, Dragnea said he would send the request to CSAT, SRI and the Attorney General as well.

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