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October 6, 2022

Turcan: PNL files amendment according to which family must be protected and guaranteed by Constitution

The Liberals have lodged on Tuesday an amendment to the citizens’ initiative of revising the Constitution, therefore resuming another amendment that was rejected on Monday by the deputies, through which the condition of founding a family on marriage is eliminated, but the requirement of founding a marriage solely between a man and a woman it’s maintained.

Interim Chairperson of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Raluca Turcan mentioned in Parliament that the PNL endorses the referendum of amending the Constitution and believes that family must be granted and protected through the Constitution of Romania.

Moreover, the deputy revealed, through the values that the PNL shares, that marriage and family are the basic cells of society and marriage can be defined as the relation between a man and a woman, but at the same time, Romanian society must accept that currently there are people who choose to live their life differently.

“There are concrete aspects that we cannot adorn, we cannot deny, nor reject other people the right to chose to live differently. The Romanian state must be the guarantor of observing civil rights for any citizen of this country. This is why we filed an amendment through which we want to endorse in the specialized committees and in the plenary, through which it will be very clearly understood that family must be protected and guarantee through the Constitution and, at the same time, marriage to be the relation between a man and a woman and in parallel, in Romanian society, to give up the sterile disputes, aggression, to urge for balance and to support through every voice so that Romania will be the country where one, who wants to live differently can find oneself,” Raluca Turcan argued.

She mentioned that this amendment is similar with the one of PNL Deputy Gabriel Andronache, which was rejected on Monday in the plenary, that can be improved and the essence of which is for family to be guaranteed and supported by the state and marriage to be the relation between a man and a woman, and, at the same time, the Constitution, when it will get revised, to define better and more detailed the civil rights.

“Another law of guaranteeing civil rights is necessary and must be discussed. […] What the PNL can do is to encourage in the public, civil, political space, a debate which is free from hypocrisy regarding civil rights. […] Now I have seen how the parliamentary majority reacts in cases that reveal the duplicity of the message from the campaign. It’s very possible that this initiative be buried by the parliamentary majority. Today, I wanted to support in the final vote the PNL’s position, I didn’t get the chance because the Social Democratic Party (PSD) draw back this project from the plenary,” the Liberal head revealed.

The draft law regarding the legislative initiative of revising the Constitution on redefining the family was eliminated from the agenda of the final vote of the Deputies’ Chamber, on Tuesday, at the PSD’s proposal, with 139 votes “in favor”, one vote “against” and two abstentions.

The bill was adopted on Monday, on articles and stipulates that family is founded on the freely consented marriage between a man and a women.

Currently, the Constitution stipulates that family is is founded on the freely consented marriage of the spouses.

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