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September 25, 2020

A new edition of the International Poetry Festival “Nichita Stanescu” has begun in Ploiesti

pag 8 festival nichitaIt has already become a tradition in Ploiesti that the last two weeks of March are dedicated to one of the most important writers in Romanian language – Nichita Stanescu. Having a remarkable intensity and profoundness, making the verse and the word real torches who impress to tears the core of the soul of anyone who loves beauty and color, “The Blond Angel” of the Romanian literature – as the poet of the Unwords is also known, gave birth, right in the city where he was born, to a poetry festival with an international character, bearing his name. This event is actually an accumulation of events gathering and allowing those who met Nichita Stanescu or who wrote about his work and life, as well as those who love his poetries or who turned his lyrics into music.

In parallel to the Arts Festival “Nichita at the Equinox”, the 29th edition of the international Poetry Festival “Nichita Stanescu” is held in Ploiesti, between March 28 and 31, 2017. The events are held under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and national Identity, with the support of the Romanian Academy, the Writers’ Union of Romania, the local and county public authorities, as well as with the participation of all the cultural institutions in Ploiesti. According to the organizers, this new edition of the festival will host exhibitions and book launches, lectures, vocal and instrumental recitals, theater performances, fine art exhibitions, literary evenings.

As in the previous editions, literary critics, writers from Romania and from abroad, artists, musicians and actors will attend the events held in the memory of the great poet Nichita Stanescu. In the first day of the festival, the events have been opened at the “Nicolae Iorga” County Library, with an exhibition of books; the documentary “Nichita Stanescu – the life and the work” was also screened here, while the national contest with prizes “Lessons with Nichita” was held at the National College “Nichita Stanescu”, being organized by this college I partnership with the Ploiesti Municipality and the Prahova County School Inspectorate.

The Prahova County Museum of Arts has been the host of the county reciting contest “Under Nichita’s Wing”, while poet Nicolae Baciut from Targu Mures, who won the Grand Prize for Poetry granted at this festival in 2014, has participated in the “Atitudini” evening. On Wednesday, March 29, in the “Nichita Stanescu” Park in Ploiesti, there is scheduled the opening of the 7th edition of the “Book Fair” bearing the poet’s name, and the literary critic Alex Stefanescu is invited to perform the lecture “Nichita Stanescu – the Poet of Love”, while in the afternoon, a fine arts exhibition dedicated to the poet, will be opened at the Ploiesti Art Gallery. On Thursday, at the “Nichita Stanescu” Memorial Museum in Ploiesti, the personality of the great poet from Ploiesti will be evoked by his friends from Romania, Serbia and Republic of Moldova, several volumes being launched on this occasion.

Book launches will also be held in the central park of the city, as well as at the premises of some of the cultural institutions. On the same day, the “Paul Constantinescu” Memorial Museum will host the event “Nichita Stanescu and the Romanian Music”, while the opening of a painting exhibition signed by Ghenadie Jalba and Inga Edu will be held by the County Museum of Arts. On the last day of the festival – March 31 -, writers and officials will lay flowers at Nichita Stanescu’s statue located downtown in Ploiesti, and the award ceremony of the festival will be hosted by the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic, being invited Ionut Vulpescu, the Minister of the Culture and national Identity, county and local officials, academicians Eugen Simion, dam Puslojic, Mircea Petrescu, Nicolae Dabija, and University Professor PhD. Vasile Spiridon. Folk music lovers are also awaited on the same day, at 12.00, in the “Nichita Stanescu” Park, where the singer Nicu Alifantis will launch his audiobook “Unopened Letters”, while in the evening at 18.00, in the hall of the Ploiesti Philharmonic, he will be the special guest of a music and poetry show, together with the Zan band.



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