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October 26, 2020

Firea: Ponta was PSD’s spoiled child; I’d like him to become once again the team player we know

Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Monday that ex-Premier Victor Ponta was PSD’s spoiled child and she would very much want him to once again become a “constructive” team player.

“I’d say one thing, and maybe it’s a term that will be analysed from all angles, but I’m saying it from the bottom of my heart, I’m saying it in a friendly manner, he was PSD’s spoiled child and rightfully so, because he has real qualities, both human and political ones, and I’d like him to understand that this party offered him the most of what a political party, a difficult team – this being, nevertheless, the most important political party in Romania – can offer to one of its leaders, politically speaking. And he, in his turn, I’m sure he will be aware that he has certain responsibilities and must be by our side. In my opinion, I believe he would never be more appreciated outside PSD than we appreciate him in our team, our family. Here he will always have his place, an important place. (…) I expect that in the following period he will become a bit more willing to collaborate with us, to have a much better relationship with the party’s current president, Liviu Dragnea, who was elected in a statutory manner,” Firea stated for Antena3.

The Mayor of Bucharest, who is also PSD Vice President, emphasised that Victor Ponta enjoyed his party colleagues’ full appreciation. However, she added that at this moment the ex-Premier is helping PSD’s adversaries, offering them ammo.

“I worked with Victor Ponta, I was spokesperson during the time Victor was party president, we also worked in the presidential elections campaign. I’m sad we’ve reached this moment in which Victor has certain unease, no longer finds his bearings in our team. You know how the saying goes, he’s like a brother, like a colleague who lost his way. I avoid saying unpleasant things, I avoid acid criticism and I explain, not because I’m afraid of a retort, but I would only draw water to the opponents’ mill in my own turn. As a former journalist, I can imagine the headlines as long as, right now, during this period, Victor is basically, in a way, helping our adversaries, giving them ammo, and I would do the same thing by taking aim at his political statements and stances. A new conflict would be created,” she pointed out.

Likewise, Firea underscored that, in Victor Ponta’s case, “no obscure coalitions were created, no toxic meetings were held to have him politically eliminated, liquidated.”

“I would very much want him to once again become the team player we know, the constructive man. If he has certain dissatisfactions, it’s best for him to express them when he meets us. He should remember that he was not kicked out of the party, he was not asked to leave the office of [party] president. That really didn’t happen, there was no meeting – a meeting at a restaurant or a hotel, as sometimes happens in politics – in which he was decapitated. Victor announced on Facebook his decision to give up his position as PSD President,” she added.


“To become mayor, Liviu Dragnea had to nominate me; the same would have to happen for the Presidency”


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Monday, for Antena3 private television broadcaster, that the support of party president Liviu Dragnea would be necessary for her possible candidacy in the presidential elections, just as happened in the case of her candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall. Firea pointed out that this is only “a working hypothesis,” her intention being to finish her term as mayor.

“To become Bucharest Mayor, someone had to nominate me, and that person was PSD President Liviu Dragnea. He nominated me before the colleagues from the National Standing Bureau and the Executive Committee, and they confirmed me, and president Dragnea backed me throughout the elections campaign, even despite some colleagues who were not 100 percent satisfied with this option and had other nominations. He always supported me in extremely difficult moments,” Gabriela Firea stated.

Regarding the speculations concerning her possible candidacy in the presidential elections of 2019, Firea said that a necessary condition will continue to be the support offered by PSD and its president. “If we are to discuss a scenario, a working hypothesis, the same thing would have to happen: president Liviu Dragnea would have to make this nomination, validated by the National Standing Bureau and the Executive Committee; of course, two years from now,” Firea said.

On the other hand, she reiterated that she wants to finish her term as Bucharest Mayor.

“At this moment, I don’t see this option (running for president – editor’s note) as possible, for the extremely important reason that I’ve so far proven seriousness, as a journalist and a Senator, and I want to have the same attitude as mayor too. (…) I very clearly expressed my priority – finishing my term as mayor and my entire energy is channelled into the activity at the Bucharest City Hall,” Firea added.



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