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June 27, 2022

Nicolicea: I’ll present referendum bill to PSD group when I have its final form

Eugen Nicolicea, Chairman of the Lower Chamber’s Judiciary Committee, announced on Wednesday that he will present to the PSD group most likely next week, for analysis, his bill on the holding of referendums, after he has its final form.

“Obviously, at the group, after you have the final form, you present it, you’re not presenting something else. For the time being I haven’t made such a proposal. Probably next week, when we’ll find a final form, we’ll present it to the group, the group will analyse whether it will endorse it or not. What we tried is different than what has been done before, namely a preliminary consultation, in order to hear everyone’s opinions and points of view and come up with an improved proposal from the start. After we have a final form it will be filed with the group. PSD President Dragnea has a very important say in this, not to mention he also has a veto right,” Nicolicea stated at the Palace of Parliament, Agerpres informs.

Nicolicea organised a second Judiciary Committee debate on the bill amending the referendum law, a bill he tabled.

According to the legislative initiative, the Romanian people exercise their sovereignty through a binding referendum when it comes to amending the Constitution and impeaching the Romanian President.

“At the President’s request, the Romanian people express their will through a consultative referendum on matters of national interest. The matters which, according to Article 152 of the Constitution, cannot be subjected to amendment, cannot be the object of a referendum. (…) A referendum cannot be held if the text proposed on the ballot pertains to Parliament’s exclusive prerogative. The referendum on the impeachment of the President is binding and is scheduled through Parliament’s decision in the conditions stipulated by Article 95 of the Constitution, and its result is binding,” the bill reads.

Another provision of this bill points out that the Romanian President, after consulting Parliament, can ask the people to express their will through a referendum on matters of national interest and the referendum’s result is consultative.

Nicolicea stated that he will have another talk with his committee colleagues on not scheduling another event simultaneously with the binding referendum, but also to analyse whether certain constitutional provisions limit the President’s prerogatives when it comes to referendums.


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