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October 2, 2020

Ambassador of Canada: All Romanian citizens can travel to Canada without visa, starting 1 December

Romanians who hold a valid visa for the US or received a visa for Canada over the last 10 years will be able to travel without visas as of 1 May, and starting 1 December all Romanian citizens will be able to travel to Canada without visa, Ambassador of Canada to Romania Kevin Hamilton announced on Thursday, within a conference on urban projects of the Smart City type.

“I want to dissociate the EU – Canada free trade agreement from the visa aspect. There are complementary aspects, but not identical. I have negotiated with Romania’s Government for eliminating the visa for Romanian tourist and this is a separate matter of the EU-Canada free trade agreement. Canadian officials have assessed Romania, they have seen the progresses in the areas such as passports, migration regulation and this is why we trustfully accepted an agreement following which Romanian citizens can very soon travel to Canada without any visa. Basically, starting 1 May 2017, a Romanian citizen who holds a valid visa for the US or received a visa for Canada over the past 10 years will be able to travel without visas to Canada. Starting 1 December all Romanian citizens can be able to travel to Canada without visa,” the Ambassador of Canada mentioned.

He claims that all Romanians need to do, in order to travel to Canada, is fill-in a form on the Embassy’s website, in the Electronic Travel Authority sectioon.

“It takes 2 minutes and costs seven dollars. This is provided to all citizens of the countries exempt from visa who want to visit Canada either for tourist purposes or business. If one intents to visit Canada in 2017, this is what you need to do,” Ambassador of Canada stated.

In respect to the CETA agreement, the free trade between the EU and Canada, the Canadian diplomat stated that Romania is perfectly situated in order to directly benefit from all the CETA areas, whether we are talking about exchanges of goods, cutting the customs taxes, protecting the intellectual property rights or labour mobility.

“The most immediate and significant impact will be eliminating all the charges for the majority of Romanian products and services that are exported to Canada, 99 percent of the charges imposed to Romanian goods will be eliminated. The European Parliament already ratified this agreement. The Canadian Parliament plans to ratify this agreement in the upcoming weeks and then to enforce it. Currently, over 300 Romanian companies, of all sizes, are exporting a large range of goods and services to Canada. The examples include clothing and footwear, vehicles and electric equipment. The current value of Romanian exports to Canada is over 200 million dollars, with a significant growth potential after the CETA. Similarly, a number of 40,000 Romanian jobs support these exports and there are opportunities to create new jobs after the CETA,” Kevin Hamilton stated.

In respect to the urban projects like Smart City, the Ambassador of Canada stated that big cities of Canada, such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are examples for smart cities, “when it comes to transport, infrastructure, level of education or public private partnerships, healthcare.”

The Romanian Association for Smart City and Mobility, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, are organizing on Thursday the Smart City-Urban Project, the first event of smart city solutions and products and the most significant event of Smart City industry in Romania.

The local authorities will find innovative solutions, cutting-age technology, innovation and pilot projects. The producers and developers will find solutions for funding and buyers, also the audience will enjoy presentations and demonstrations of the leaders from the areas that form the smart city concept.

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