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May 15, 2021

PM Grindeanu: Gov’t wants Defense allocations to be spent for reviving national military industry

Premier Sorin Grindeanu said that the government wants the 2 pct of GDP allocated this year for Defense to be spent for breathing new life in the national military industry.

“As you know, in the 2017 budget we assigned 2 pct of GDP for Defense, and we are interested that this money is spent so as to support and give a boost to the national defense industry, to give it a new lease of life wherever possible,” Sorin Grindeanu told a press conference at the end of his working visit this Friday to the seat of home appliance manufacturer Arctic Gaesti (Dambovita County).

The Premier stressed that defense is one of the major industries in Dambovita County.

“The [Defense allocation] is a quite significant amount, it’s a lot of money. This is the first government after the country’s NATO accession to allocate 2 pct of GDP for Defense. It is a major goal of ours that this money is spent, that it is reinvested in the national defense industry,” Grindeanu said.

The Premier also mentioned the tourism potential of Dambovita County, particularly in the Padina – Pestera surroundings.

“I think we need a serious discussion – also with Mr. Minister Dobre – for the area to be included in the Tourism Master Plan. The area is worth this action, the more so as the local authorities have invested here,” said Grindeanu.

Attending the press conference were Minister of Economy Mihai Tudose, Minister-delegate for European Funds Rovana Plumb, as well as former president of the Dambovita County Council, Social-Democrat Senator Adrian Tutuianu.

The Prime Minister’s agenda of the day also included a visit to the Targoviste Archdiocese, followed by a trip to the Campus of the ‘Valahia’ University of Targoviste, where Grindeanu will have a working meeting with the Prefect, the heads of the devolved public services, the management of the Dambovita County Council, mayors, representatives of major local companies.

In the afternoon, the head of the government has scheduled talks with trade union leaders and the management teams of companies Automecanica Moreni and the Mija Mechanical Plant.


On a visit to Valahia University, PM Grindeanu reminiscences about using 286 PCs while a student


On a working visit to the southern county of Dambovita on Friday, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu remembered, as he was visiting the informatics lab of the Valahia University of Targoviste, the county capital, that when he was a student he would use 286 PCs.

Grindeanu asked the university chancellor, Calin Oros, to stop the tour for a while to enter the university’s informatics lab.

‘Do you know what my learning computer was in 1992? I became a university student in 1992, and back then you would use the 286 PCs. It would take about 10 minutes to compile a program; back then, smoking was allowed inside the university building. You would have time for smoking two-three cigarettes by the time the compiling would end,” said Grindeanu.

Oros said that such PCs now are only available at museums.

In another moment of the visit at Valahia, Grindeanu was invited to taste the bread made in the lab for the control of bread and pastry making, where students, guided by professors form the Environment, Biotechnology and Food Chemistry Faculty study various bread-making techniques.

Grindeanu tasted the bread and also invited Senator Adrian Tutuianu, in the retinue besides Oros, to do the same. The senator obliged, saying laughingly that he eats the university’s bread more often, as he used to earn his bread here as lecturer while he held the chairmanship of the Dambovita County Council.

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