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October 23, 2021

President Iohannis to sign on Monday new ministers’ appointment decrees, swearing-in on same day

President Klaus Iohannis will sign on Monday the decrees appointing the new Minister of Environment and for Parliament Liaison, respectively.

The President will sign the appointment decrees on Monday. The swearing-in ceremony will take place on the same day, at 17:00 hrs, the Presidential Administration announced on Friday.

Current Minister for Parliament Liaison Gratiela Gavrilescu is the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) nominee for the position of Minister of Environment and Deputy Prime Minister. Leader of the ALDE Senators Viorel Ilie was picked by the formation’s Central Political Bureau for Minister for Parliament Liaison.

The changes in the government were prompted by the decision, last Sunday, of the ALDE Central Political Bureau to withdraw political support for the formation’s Co-Chair Daniel Constantin, who was filling the positions of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment.

On March 27 Premier Sorin Grindeanu said that he discussed with President Klaus Iohannis the proposals for ministers, and that he was waiting for the decision of the head of the state.

The PM subsequently announced having removed Daniel Constantin from office.


PM Grindeanu: I’m informed President will sign appointments of new ministers; no sweat about it


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Friday said he was informed that President Klaus Iohannis will sign decrees on Monday appointing the new environmental minister and minister for the relation with Parliament, saying there is no sweat about it.

“Yes, I have received the info about the appointments of the two. The Cabinet called me by phone to say that I received from the Presidential Administration that the swearing-in ceremony of the two minister will take place on Monday at 17:00hrs,” said Grindeanu.

Asked if signing of the decrees makes him anxious, Grindeanu said: “I am not anxious.”

“While I might have been somehow anxious when I started as a prime minister, my three-month experience in the meantime have dissipated my anxiousness,” said Grindeanu.


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