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September 25, 2021

Tariceanu asked about Constantin’s allegation of abusively taking over ALDE: Ask someone else this type of questions, not me

When asked about Daniel Constantin’s allegations according to which Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu took over abusively the party, the latter stated on Friday at the meeting of the ALDE’s locally elected officials, that was held at the Poiana Brasov, that he doesn’t want to respond to such questions.

“Ask someone else this type of questions, not me,” Tariceanu responded.

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu who is attending the meeting of the ALDE Locally Elected Officials League at the Poiana Brasov, mentioned that the meeting’s agenda features issues that mayors, vice-mayors, presidents of the County Councils deal with and aspects regarding the enforcement of the governing programme.

“We meet with mayors, vice-mayors, presidents of the County Councils and vice-presidents, all the locally elected officials of the ALDE. We stay and discuss. Such meetings where we discuss problems, concerns of public interest which are part of the working agenda of my colleagues and of ours in general are ordinary. All these things and the agenda that we are discussing today divert from the governing programme,” Tariceanu stated.

According to President of the ALDE Locally Elected Officials League and Vice President of the Bistrita-Nasaud County Council Ioan Tintean, out of the 2,700 locally elected officials, 17 are vice-presidents of the County Councils, 66 are mayors and the rest are vice-presidents of municipalities and cities and local counselors.

“The meeting has three parts. In the first part there will be a meeting between the ministers who represent the Grindeanu-ALDE Government, namely Ministers Gratiela Gavrilescu and Viorel Stefan, where projects that are to be developed by City Halls within the administrative-territorial units will be discussed. The second issue that will be discussed refers to specific problems of the locally elected person according to the Law No.215/2001 with subsequent amendments, and the third problem is related to the Statute of locally elected persons. Within these amendments, propositions will be made regarding the position of the president of the Local Committee for Emergency Situations because in the current situation in which the locally elected persons are also mayors and presidents of the Local Committees for Emergency Situations, the attributions they have to implement in case such special situations occur are not clearly stipulated,” Ioan Tintean stated.

Co-Chairman of the ALDE Daniel Constantin accused on Thursday his colleague Catalin Popescu-Tariceanu that “the political abuse is somehow part of his DNA” and denounced irregularities in the party that were led by the latter after the elections on 11 December.

“The abuses continue there [in the party -e.n.] – people are changed, door locks are changed, things are seized. These are minor things that are related to a certain behavior and, unfortunately, everything started from Co-Chairman Tariceanu and it looks as if this attitude went to a part of my colleagues in the territory, which I certainly regret. It’s not about me. There are colleagues in the territory, even in the organizations in Bucharest who are not allowed to enter the headquarters. Unfortunately, what is happening in the ALDE, especially coming from a man who wants to be a Liberal and poses as a Liberal in the public space, it’s an abuse and a hostile takeover,” Constantin stated on Thursday at the Digi 24 private television station.

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