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October 23, 2021

IntMin Carmen Dan says wage inequities to vanish after unitary pay law is endorsed

The wage inequities will vanish once the unitary pay bill will be endorsed, on Sunday said the Internal Affairs Minister, Carmen Dan, on the Gendarmerie Day.

“I believe that all the wage inequities will settle down when we’ll have that unitary pay law, which we have to trust it will be endorsed. True, lately what’s been voiced was distrust due also to the fact that the other pieces of legislation that have regulated the public staff’s pay were not enforced or have had regulations that have canceled each other subsequently,” said minister Carmen Dan, on her participation Sunday in the celebration of 167 years since the Romanian Gendarmerie was fathered.

The minister specified that the payment is a topic of interest she holds in attention, adding that lately she had meetings and talks with the trade unions of the Police, because they are the ones who could be represented, but also with the representatives of the Firefighters and Gendarmerie.

“I’m part of the same system. I’m certain that we’ll have a unitary pay law that will reward on merit all of the law enforcement staff,” she stressed.

Carmen Dan asserted that the development and endowment of all structures within the MAI are considered and worked on.

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