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May 19, 2021

President Iohannis: NATO means Romania, too, we are and will be next to our allies

The collective allied defence means today more than ever the awareness of the fact that each and every country’s security could be more efficiently secured together instead of separately, says president Klaus Iohannis in a message he sent on the “NATO Day in Romania” celebration.

“Today, 2 April 2017, we celebrate as we always do on the very first Sunday of April “NATO Day in Romania.” The moment marks our country’s membership to the most powerful political and military alliance in history and to a community of values and principles, of which the respect towards democracy and the rule of law stand out. Therefore, for almost one decade the Romanian citizens enjoy the strongest security and defence guarantees in the history of our modern national history. To Romania, the NATO has become part of our identity as a nation and at the same time the path to put into practice our national security interests. The Alliance has offered democratic Romania a chance to validate for good its democratic, pro-Western vocation,” the head of state stresses in his message.

Iohannis asserts that the Strategic Partnership with the United States of America, the NATO and EU membership are the basics of our foreign policy, and the construction of strong Romania in Europe and in the world is tightly linked to them.

The president recalls that at the July 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw, the decision was made to strengthen the collective defence on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance, while at the Brussels reunion this May the evolutions will be assessed.

Romania, adds the head of state, will continue to strengthen its credible strategic profile within the NATO and emphasises that the 2 percent allocation to Defence from the Gross Domestic Product, “by far the highest budgetary growth ever since joining the NATO,” is a guarantee that our country is determined to go by its commitments.

“We are and will be alongside our allies in the operations theatres, in the command structures and in the training centres, as well as in the politico-military structures where the grounds of the collective security of all of the allied countries’ and partners’ citizens are put. We will be there so we could proudly say not only that “Romania is in the NATO” but also that “NATO means Romania, too,” adds president Iohannis in his message.


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