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October 19, 2021

Daniel Constantin: Tariceanu has a pathological relationship with the lie. I could have suspended him also from ALDE because of his criminal file

The Co-chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Daniel Constantin stated in an interview for News.ro that his counterpart at the party’s leadership, Calin Popescu Triceanu, has “a pathological relationship with the lie”, and that he is a man who “produces abuses”, saying that he could have also suspended  Tariceanu from ALDE because of his criminal file. Constantin says that he expects now to be excluded from ALDE.

Asked if he hopes to resolve anything by challenging at the Court the party’s decision to withdraw his political support, Daniel Constantin said that, regardless of the court’s decision, Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s image will suffer.

“There are two issues: if we will win, then things are clear, the history will record that Mr. Tariceanu produces abuses. This is very clear. If we’ll not win, a very clear image to me will remain: Mr. Tariceanu has a pathological relationship with the lie, and this is the idea with which I’ll go further”, Daniel Constantin stated in the interview for News.ro.

He added that he could also suspend Tariceanu from ALDE, but he didn’t do this “because of his good faith”.

“Consequently, I could also convene our part belonging to the Conservative Party, and suspend Mr. Tariceanu because the statute says so: a person who is send to judgment can be suspended from ALDE during that trial. I didn’t do this, I relied on good faith. I don’t know how Mr. Dragnea would have reacted if I took such a decision” Daniel Constantin added.

The ALDE Co-President also claimed that Liviu Dragnea isn’t stranger to his revocation from the Government, since Calin Popescu Tariceanu consults him in all the decisions taken by the Head of the Senate, and he reproached to his counterpart at the ALDE leadership that he established the governmental formula together with the PSD leader without consulting anybody else.

Daniel Constantin also stated in the interview for News.ro that the leaders in the territory make pressures on him “for a new political force”, but he wants to stay in ALDE and he hopes to win at the Court, o that the congress convened by the Permanent Delegation of the party will be cancelled and convened for a later date, based on a “statutory” decision.


“I didn’t talk to Ponta about any other political party”


In the interview, Daniel Constantin speaks about his future political plans, denying the discussions with Victor Ponta, Bogdan Diaconu and Laurentiu Rebega on a new political project.

“I am a convinced pro-European, my first job was a counselor for European integration, and I will continue working in this direction. I had no discussion with Bogdan Diaconu or Laurentiu Rebega, as it was insinuated. I am sorry that there are certain politicians who made this game of associating what happens inside ALDE with a possible movement that would coagulate somewhere else. I also haven’t talked to Mr. Ponta about other political party”, Daniel Constantin said. “I cooperated very well with Victor Ponta, we have a very good friendship, but it doesn’t have anything to do with politics”, he continued.

Being asked by the news.ro reporter if the Grindeanu Government is in danger right now because he will not be a minister anymore, Daniel Constantin answered:


 “Grindeanu Government is not in danger”


“It’s not in any danger. I said this, I discussed with Mr. Grindeanu, too, I discussed also with Mr. Dragnea: we will support the Government either we’ll stay in ALDE, or if they exclude us from ALDE, as I understand they intend to. It’s very important to respect peoples’ vote. People voted for ALDE and PSD, not necessarily for a certain way of leading, but for this majority. We will respect their vote, but we will equally sanction the manner of taking decisions and leading”.

Asked how many of the 29 parliamentarians belonging to ALDE are in his group, Constantin stated: “We never needed to count them, because we didn’t want to go anywhere. The only thing we wanted was to defend our interests inside ALDE. But if things will not go this way, we’ll see what to do. There are many colleagues, especially in the territory, pressing for a new political force. I don’t want to think at this, I want to think at reestablishing justice and truth inside our party. Because what is happening these days is more than an abuse, there are things I have never imagined. Besides the illegal vote, non-complying with the statute, we have reached the situation of having colleagues who cannot enter the premises anymore. Locks have been changed at the doors, party’s accounts have been used, and other things beyond any imagination. Abusive decisions of changing certain counselor from their office are taken. It’s a sort of abusive establishment of a new power before the congress. And this is before a congress that doesn’t comply any legality, anyway”.

Daniel Constantin calls the current situation inside the party “a sort of a coup”. “I said it’s a hostile takeover, this is what it’s all about. Colleagues who were inside the house are thrown out the window, they are thrown out the door or invited to leave by various ways, depending on the diplomacy of each colleague in the territory. This is the reality, they are slowly, slowly eliminated”.

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