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August 18, 2022

PRU, PRM and PND form the BINE Alliance. Bogdan Diaconu: I’ve assured Dragnea we’re not collaborating with Ponta

Three of the Romanian parties that label themselves as nationalist – the United Romania Party (PRU), the Great Romania Party (PRM) and the New Right Party (PND) – announced on Sunday the creation of a political alliance dubbed the Bloc of National Identity in Europe (BINE). The decision was announced by Bogdan Diaconu, who said the alliance will not collaborate with Victor Ponta or Daniel Constantin.

The announcement was made at a press conference held at PRU’s headquarters in Bucharest, a conference in which the leaders of all three parties – PRU, PRM and PND – took part.

In a hallway full of cigarette smoke, on the first floor of the building in which the PRU HQ is located, the creation of the BINE Alliance was announced through speeches that were not short of pompous slogans, promises to transform the political class and grammar mistakes, News.ro writes.

PRU’s President and Founder Bogdan Diaconu (photo) pointed out, from the start, that BINE was set up on March 25, Annunciation Day.

“It was the best possible piece of news for Romanian nationalists. After 27 years of crumbling, of division on the nationalist side of the political spectrum, today the three parties that are representative for Romanian nationalism have shaken hands and are determined to make Romania well [“bine” in Romanian],” Diaconu announced.

Bogdan Diaconu pointed out that the alliance will be led by three co-presidents: himself, Adrian Popescu (PRM) and Tudor Ionescu (PND).

Presented by Bogdan Diaconu as the president of PRM, Adrian Popescu explained that the idea behind the alliance appeared after he saw on television how a Romanian woman living in Spain was dissatisfied with the structure of the Romanian Parliament after the elections.

“We’ve established this political alliance precisely to prove to the Romanians who did not vote that at this moment they have whom to vote for, both those who voted and those who didn’t vote, because, if we look carefully and study both the local and general elections, 40-45-50 percent in fact voted. So, those who won 40 or 30 percent of the votes, in fact it’s simple arithmetic that 40 out of 40 means that they’re ruling the country with a percentage of 16-17-18 percent,” Popescu tried to explain.

“This alliance is not an alliance that will not be… in order to avoid… I mean to pre-emptively answer your question about how it will be: pro-NATO, pro-Russia, pro-America, pro-… what the people are saying. No, this alliance will be pro-Romania. (…) The only thing that must unite us, Romanians, is love for the country,” he added, according to news.ro.

Tudor Ionescu, the other co-president, explained why they chose to launch this alliance three years before the elections: because their enemies’ attacks will do them good [“bine” in Romanian].

“We’ve all learned an important lesson in 2016: without unity, we cannot obtain results. We formed this political alliance now, three years before the elections, because we are honest, because we wanted to give our friends the opportunity to see us working, we’re also giving our adversaries the opportunity to attack, and I’m sure their attacks will make us stronger. They will do us good,” Ionescu said. He said that the newly-formed alliance plans to win at least 9 percent in the parliamentary elections of 2020. The announcing of their electoral objective was followed by a “so help us, God.”

Popescu also announced the first public personality to join the alliance: Gigi Becali.

“I have Mr Gigi Becali’s permission – I talked to him two days ago – to inform you that he too will access this alliance because he is a good Romanian and because he understood that it’s time for all those who think and feel Romanian and believe in Romania’s future to join us,” Adrian Popescu said.

Asked whether Victor Ponta will also join the nationalist project, Bogdan Diaconu answered negatively and said he assured PSD President Liviu Dragnea he will not collaborate with the ex-Premier or with Daniel Constantin.

“There is no joint project between PRU or Bogdan Diaconu and ex-Prime Minister Victor Ponta and I will no longer allow anyone to use Romanian nationalism to wage power struggles within PSD or somewhere else. (…) I talked with Liviu Dragnea because I was passing through [the Palace of] Parliament, we had a meeting. We talked and I assured him there is no kind of collaboration between PRU and Bogdan Diaconu and Victor Ponta or Daniel Constantin,” Bogdan Diaconu said.

BINE Alliance’s slogan will be: “We’re making Romania well.”



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