Romanian Gendarmerie celebrates 167 years since its establishment

*President Iohannis: I urge you to serve as example of conduct, professionalism and responsibility


President Klaus Iohannis conveyed on Monday a message to the Romanian Gendarmerie, on the occasion of celebrating 167 years since its establishment, a message in which he urges gendarmes to serve as an example of conduct, professionalism and responsibility.

“I will always be alongside the Romanian Gendarmerie and I will follow the manner in which you activity is reflected in society. I am convinced that from now on you will raise to the height of requirements and missions that will be entrusted. You proved that you are a credible force in the service of Romanians and I urge you to further serve as an example of conduct, professionalism and responsibility,” the head of state says in the message delivered by Presidential Advisor Ion Oprisor.

President Iohannis reveals that the Romanian Gendarmerie was part of “the construction of modern Romania and identified with ensuring public order and citizens’ protection.”

“The Romanian Gendarmerie has seen a dynamic development and permanently adapted to frequent changes of the international and domestic security environment. In this way, the institution strengthened its credibility and maintained high standards of competence, considering that its role it’s extremely important in the category of forces with the national security system,” the head of states believes.

He underscores that the honor and devotion which Romanian gendarmes fulfill their missions with, are acknowledged and appreciated.

“Due to the professionalism they prove, citizens’ safety is maintained, also the public order, in a social climate oriented towards the protection and peace of the communities, based on observing the Constitution, legal provisions and civic rights and liberties,” the head of state says, also revealing that the Romanian Gendarmerie significantly contributed to the consolidation of Romania’s image as active partner on an international stage, through participating in missions and operations outside the Romanian state’s territory, but also through the cooperation with similar military bodies.

The quality of being a full member in the Association of the European and Mediterranean Police Forces and Gendarmeries with Military Status (FIEP) and in the European Gendarmerie Force represents, according to President Iohannis, a confirmation of the experience and professionalism that the Romanian Gendarmerie proved.

He underlines that 2017, which was marked, since it started, by challenges, “forces to an intensification of vigilance in ensuring public order and to as firm as possible reaction in order to prevent and counter-attack all phenomenon that can generate threats to our citizens.”

The head of state revealed that strengthening the security feeling among citizens and increasing the degree of public safety, further remain priority objectives.

“Therefore, the Romanian Gendarmerie must adapt to the dynamic environment in which we live in and develop a new paradigm of public order, based firstly on anticipation and prevention and on the timely reaction capacity of specialists and forces of public order,” Iohannis also said.


PM Grindeanu: In managing Victoriei Square protests, Gendarmerie confirms truly being integrant part of community spirit


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Monday that the most important moment for the development in the relationship between the Gendarmerie and the society was the management of the January and February public protests in Victoriei Square, before the Government House, that confirmed the Gendarmerie is indeed an integrant part of the community spirit.

Grindeanu commended the Gendarmerie for what he said was professionalism displayed at those protests to make sure the citizens’ fundamental rights are secured.

“Perhaps the most important moment for the development of the rapport between the institution and the society was the management of the recent protests in Victoriei Square. I witnessed then an example of professionalism on your part (…) in defending the constitutional rights of some citizens of this country. That was an exemplary collective effort that you paid for with four of your colleagues having been injured by hooligans who attempted to highjack the aim of the protests. Back then, the protesters gave you flowers and shouted ‘Hats off to the Gendarmerie!’ Back then, the Romanian Gendarmerie confirmed once again that it is indeed an integrant part of the community spirit,” Grindeanu said Monday, April 3, the Day of Romania’s Gendarmerie.

He said the solidarity displayed by the Victoriei Square protesters is a change in the paradigm of the rapport between the citizens and the law enforcement organisations.

“You felt, perhaps more than ever before, the people’s solidarity all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of citizens were with you and that is certainly a change in the paradigm of the rapport between the citizens and the law enforcement. You proved there are no borders between the state and the society when it comes to securing fundamental right, which must be freely and securely expressed,” Grindeanu told the gendarmes.


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