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May 18, 2022

Solemn session to celebrate 151 years since establishment of Romanian Academy

The Romanian Academy will hold a solemn session of the General Assembly on Monday to celebrate 151 since its establishment.

According to a release of the Press Office of the Romanian Academy on Friday, the session that is to take place in the Aula of the Romanian Academy, starting 10:00 hrs, will be led by the President of this forum, namely Acad. Ionel-Valentin Vlad, who will deliver a speech regarding the mission of the Romanian Academy throughout a century and a half of Romania’s modern history, as well as the institution’s role in Romanian culture and science.

Authorities of the Romanian state, personalities of Romanian culture and science, members of European academies will be attending the event. The Presidential Administration will also send a message of congratulation.

Different officials will deliver speeches at the event, such as: President of the Senate Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church (BOR), who is a honorary member of the Romanian Academy, Monsignor Ioan Roibu, Archbishop and Bishop of the Bucharest Catholic Archdiocese and honorary member of the Academy.

Moreover, Minister of National Education Professor Pavel Nastase, Minister of Research and Innovation Serban-Constantin Valeca, Minister of Culture and National Identity Ioan Vulpescu, President of the Committee for education, science, youth and sport of Romania’s Senate Ecaterina Andronescu and senator Mihnea Costoiu, who is also the Rector of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest will deliver speeches within the event.

The tribute session will end with the speech delivered by Director General of the Romanian Academy Library Acad. Florin Gheorghe Filip, who will present the activity and performances of this institution which celebrates this year, in its turn, 150 years since it was founded.

The event will be followed by the opening of the exhibition titled “the Romanian Academy Library – a world of knowledge,” at 14:00 hrs, that is to take place at the “Theodor Pallady” Hall, where works belonging to the rich heritage of the Cabinets of Manuscripts and Rare Books, Prints and Numismatics and virtual exhibitions that can be accessed permanently by the public on the Library’s website will be provided.

The Romanian Academy is the highest scientific and cultural forum of Romania, that gathers renowned personalities of the country and abroad, in all areas of science, art and literature.

The supreme forum in Romanian culture and science was founded through Decree No.1 from 13 April 1866, initially being called the Romanian Literary Society, and one of its first tasks was to establish the Romanian language’s orthography, as well as the elaboration and publication of Romanian language dictionary and grammar.

The Society consisted at first of 21 members elected from all Romanian provinces (three from Wallachia, four from Muntenia, three from Transylvania, two from Banat, Maramures and Bucovina, three from Basarabia and two from Macedonia).

The founding members of the Romanian Academy were: Vincentiu Babes, George Baritiu, Ioan D. Caragiani, Timotei Cipariu, Dimitrie Cozacovici, Ambrosiu Dimitrovici, Alexandru Hasdeu, Ion Heliade-Radulescu, Iosif Hodos, Alexandru Hurmuzachi, Andrei Mocioni, Gavriil Munteanu, Alexandru Roman, Ion G. Sbiera, Constantin Stamati, and Ioan Strajescu. In 1867 Vasile Alecsandri, Stefan Gonata, Nicolae Ionescu, August Treboniu Laurian, Titu Liviu Maiorescu, Ioan C. Massimu, Costache Negruzzi, Constantin A. Rosetti, and Vasile Urechia-Alexandrescu joined, and they are all considered to be founding members of the Romanian Academy.

One year later, in August 1867, the Status of the Romanian Literary Society was approved, the name changed into Romanian Academic Society, having the “purpose of working for letters and sciences between Romanians,” “a moral and independent entity in all of its undertakings of whatever nature.” The institution was comprised of three sections: philology-literature, history-archeology and natural sciences.

Today, the Romanian Academy has 14 sections, in which, through law and status, a maximum 181 member and correspondents and 135 honorary members, of which at most 40 members in the country can be registered.

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