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September 21, 2020

USR notifies Judiciary Committee and Standing Bureau about Serban Nicolae’s statements

The Save Romania Union (USR) President Nicusor Dan announced on Monday that the party he leads will notify the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and Standing Bureau following the statements made by PSD Senator Serban Nicolae, pointing out that the events have fallen way below the level of human dignity.

“What happened at the Standing Bureau’s meeting today was us stopping far below a level of human dignity and this is completely unspeakable. USR will notify the [Judiciary] Committee, then the Standing Bureau and I hope Mr Serban Nicolae’s party will distance itself from him, because one can’t speak like this in Parliament. The language and the level of civilisation each us must have in this institution matters,” Nicusor Dan stated.

The USR members of the Senate’s Standing Bureau left the meeting on Monday, arguing that PSD Senator Serban Nicolae used “offensive language” when addressing Senate Deputy Speaker Mihai Gotiu (USR) and when the latter wanted to give his reply Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu cut his microphone. According to sources from among the participants, Nicolae called Gotiu “disgusting,” among other name-calling.

“A Senate Deputy Speaker – I don’t know whether in virtue of the fact that he is sleeping within the Parliament’s plenum or in virtue of the fact that he is member of a party whose president displays his bodily secretions on his shirt – took the liberty to say lies about me. That and nothing more,” Nicolae responded to Gotiu’s accusations.

He stated he would have expected “basic education to be a presumed condition” for the members of Parliament.

Asked what does Nicusor Dan and his behaviour have to do with what happened at the Senate’s Standing Bureau meeting, Serban Nicolae refused making any more comments: “Yes… with such a question…”

While walking away from the journalists, the PSD Senator added that he does not use an offensive language in general and sarcastically asked journalists to be quiet so that Gotiu could “sleep” within the plenum.


Scandal at Senate leadership meeting. Serban Nicolae and USR Senators have heated exchange


The Save Romania Union (USR) members of the Senate’s Standing Bureau left the meeting hall on Monday after they were allegedly insulted by Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator Serban Nicolae.

“We’re talking about the statements made by Mr Serban Nicolae, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who said several things, I don’t want to repeat them at this moment. You’ll see them in the minute of this meeting, regarding some statements I allegedly made at a press conference last week, when I talked about the way he blocked the nomination of civil society members who must be part of the CSM. (…) If you read the minute, you’ll see there were some really offensive words,” USR Senator Mihai Gotiu stated.

The USR Senator also criticised the Senate Speaker’s attitude.

“He didn’t want to name me, I asked him to tell me whether those statements are about me. At that moment, Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu said he didn’t give me the floor. I pointed out I felt targeted and other people in the room, including some of Mr Serban Nicolae’s party colleagues, considered I was the one targeted too. At that point Mr Tariceanu cut my mike. I consider it an abuse on the part of the ruling majority,” Gotiu added.

USR’s parliamentary group announced it will file with the Senate’s Standing Bureau a written notification about the incident.


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