Gianna Nannini, a forceful start of HITSTORY European tour

Gianna Nannini started her HITSTORY European tour, a musical celebration of a fulminating career. Her first stop was in Lausanne, Switzerland, on March 25. It was followed by Zurich and Lucerne in Switzerland, Nurnberg and Stuttgart, and then, Düsseldorf, Ravensburg, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin in Germany. 2 concerts will be performed in France, in Charleroi and Paris, then she will arrive in Brussels, Belgium, and in Sofia, Bulgaria. On April 27, Gianna Nannini will perform in Bucharest, at the Palace Hall, together with Red Rock Strings. The concert is organized by Balkan Entertainment Company. The tour will continue with a concert performed in June in Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany.

HITSTORY had a forceful start with three sold out concerts in Switzerland. Lausanne, Zurich and Lucerne have applauded the miracle of one of the best voices that Italy has ever provided, an explosion of joie-de-vivre and decibels. Together with Davide Tagliapietra, Thomas Festa, Thomas Lang, Alex Klier, Will Medini, Isabella Casucci and Annastella Camporeale, Gianna Nannini has played 25 songs, hits that cover all her musical career. Lausanne setlist included “America“, “Sei nell’anima“, “Meravigliosa creatura“, as well as song like “Contaminata” or “Ottava vita“.

Gianna Nannini recorded her first notorious success in 1979, with the album called “California”. On the album’s cover, the Statue of Liberty was impertinently dominating the picture, holding a vibrator instead of the flame. Over the time, Gianna showed a rare artistic constancy, regularly accessing the first position of the international charts, with every album release. “I see a lot of songs that have been on the charts for a long time, and I also see that people continue to listen to them. Music doesn’t consume like napkins. Songs aren’t getting old. They represent the moment when you meet them and you fall in love with them, they will never leave you” Gianna says.

Depending on the distance from the stage, the price of the tickets for the concert that will be performed on April 27 at the Palace Hall varies from RON 95 to RON 275, according to the organizers; tickets are available on


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