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August 1, 2021

Daniel Constantin freezes ALDE accounts until conflict is legally settled

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-President Daniel Constantin has frozen the political party’s bank accounts after its leadership decided to withdraw its political support and sack him from the Government. The bank accounts cannot be used until the court clarifies the situation.

According to ALDE sources, Daniel Constantin notified the bank that there is a lawsuit and the bank’s representatives decided to freeze ALDE’s bank accounts until the situation is clarified.

“Yes, I confirm that at this moment the bank accounts are unusable until a juridical clarification is reached in court,” Daniel Constantin stated for News.ro.

According to the aforementioned sources, it came to this after Daniel Constantin lodged with the Bucharest Court a challenge against ALDE Standing Delegation’s decision to hold the party conference in April.

“A gridlock has been reached, until there is a juridical solution. The first court hearings are scheduled next week. If we win, then the party conference will be suspended and the bank accounts situation will remain gridlocked. If we don’t win, they will hold a party conference and after the conference they will go to court to register the new statute and the new leadership. They won’t be validated because there is an ongoing lawsuit,” ALDE sources close to Daniel Constantin told News.ro.

According to them, the court will hold a hearing on the merits of the challenge filed by Daniel Constantin against the Standing Delegation’s decision. Also next week, the magistrates will decide whether to issue a presidential ordinance to suspend the decision to hold the party conference.

“If a presidential ordinance is obtained, the Standing Delegation’s decisions will be suspended and it will be impossible to hold a party conference. If they’re not suspended, at any rate a judgement will be made on the merits, after several court hearings, and until the trial is over the new leadership cannot be registered. And this will take months. Several months in which the bank accounts will remain frozen and the party’s functioning will be basically gridlocked,” the aforementioned sources told News.ro.

The monthly subsidy that the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) offers to political parties, the party membership dues as well as donations from natural and legal persons are wired to ALDE’s bank accounts. In March, AEP transferred RON 268,547 to ALDE, and RON 82,000 apiece in January and February.

ALDE’s Standing Delegation decided to convene, for April 21, the party conference that will elect the party’s new leadership. Daniel Constantin stated that the decision was adopted in a non-statutory manner and announced he will challenge it in court.


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