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December 7, 2022

Romanian Orthodox Church spends EUR 21 M for social, philanthropic assistance in 2016

The Romanian Orthodox Church spent 21 million euro in 2016 for social assistance and philanthropy, according basilica.ro.

“The Romanian Orthodox Church is constantly working for the good of fellow human beings. Throughout the eparchies of the Romanian Patriarchy social-charitable and medical activities are being carried out in 718 institutions and social services. Currently, there are 617 ongoing projects and social programmes. Only in the last five years, for supporting all the social assistance and philanthropy activities and to support victims of the floods, the Romanian Patriarchate have spent over 100 million euro. In 2016, the spending amounted to 21 million euro, ” the release says.

According to basilica.ro, among social institutions, St. Hierarch Leontie Radauti children Establishment stands out; located near Bogdana Monastery, the establishment for orphans and children from broken families, is the largest of its kind hosting over 120 children and young people.

Daily, 50 elderly people receive palliative care at St. Nectarie centre in Bucharest and in establishments from Plopului Valley and Screzii Valley over 500 people receive shelter and assistance.

Funds were also allocated for the construction of Nera Clinic, located in the vicinity of the Monastery bearing same name, where cancer patients will be taken care of.

At the end of 2015 the first ambulance service in the Romanian Patriarchate was opened in Bistrita.

Among BOR’s social philanthropic establishments there are also social canteens and bakeries, institutions that offer medical and pharmaceutical services, day care centers for children and the elderly, family centers, social kindergartens and afterschools, protected homes, emergency centres (for homeless people, victims of domestic violence, victims of trafficking), the source further reads.

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