EnviMin Gratiela Gavrilescu: ‘Rabla’ and ‘Rabla Plus’ programmes to kick off around May 10

“Rabla” and “Rabla Plus” programme” will kick off this year around May 10, as soon as the public debate period and the producers’ validation session are completed, announced on Monday, at private TV broadcaster Antena 3, Gratiela Gavrilescu, Minister of Environment.

“I have an announcement for all Romanians whose cars are more than 10 years old, that probably around May 10, they will be able to access “Rabla” and “Rabla Plus” programmes”. The Ministry of Environment has, as we speak, posted on its website the Funding guide for the two programmes, a guide currently under debate. (…) We managed and we even wanted to launch both programmes at once, “Rabla” as well as “Rabla Plus” somewhere around May 10, because this time, citizens or legal entities who intend to purchase an electric car benefit from a premium of 10,000 dollars and they can also benefit from the 6,500 lei scrappage bonus, “said Gavrilescu.

According to the Environment Minister, this year’s “Rabla” programme budget stands at 180 million lei, while the scrappage bonus is worth 6,500 lei, the same as in 2016.

The minister added that at the level of the electric cars’ infrastructure, a specific programme will be developed this year and the pilot city that would benefit from such a network will be Bucharest.

According to the Financing Guidelines Programme for Renewing the national car park, currently under public debate on the Ministry of Environment’s website, for this year’s “Rabla” programme, the scrappage bonus will be 6,500 lei and in addition, maximum CO2 emission thresholds will be introduced for the vehicles for whose purchase the scrappage bonus can be obtained, starting from 130 g / CO2 / km in 2017, up to a maximum value of 95 g / CO2 / km in 2019.

The Programme for the purchase of electric cars will run within the limits of the commitment and budgetary loans provided for this end through the annual budgets of the Environment Fund, approved in compliance with the law, reads the document. According to the Substantiation Note of the Government Decision draft for the approval of income and expenditure budget for 2017 of the Environment Administration Fund (AFM), posted for public debate on the Ministry of Environment’s website, the programme for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles benefits from a 90 million lei budget from commitment loans and another 20 million in budget loans.

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