DNA: Claudiu Florica and Dinu Pescariu indicted for instigating abuse of office and placed under judiciary control. President asked to approve criminal prosecution of ex-minister Gabriel Sandu

Claudiu Florica and Dinu Pescariu have been indicted for instigating abuse of office and have been placer under judiciary contro0l in a case in which they are accused of offering former Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu EUR 2.2 million in return for their company being awarded a software licence leasing contract. In the same case, the DNA is asking the President to allow the start of a criminal probe against Gabriel Sandu, for abuse of office.

The National Anticorruption Directorate announced on Monday that that the criminal proceedings have started and a 60-day judiciary control measure has been enforced against Caludiu Ionut Florica and Dinu Mihail Pescariu, representatives of the D.Con-Net AG company, for instigating abuse of office which resulted in undue benefits.

Ion Adrian Stanescu, former assistant adviser with the Ministry of Communications and Informational Society’s (MCSI) General Directorate for Policies and Programmes, and Andrei Savulescu, former director general of the same General Directorate, have been indicted for abuse of office. Calin Tatomir, director general of Microsoft Romania at the time the guilty acts were committed, has been indicted for complicity to abuse of office.

Likewise, the DNA Chief Prosecutor has sent to the Prosecutor General the request for the President to issue his approval for the start of a criminal probe against former Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu, for abuse of office.

According to the prosecutors, in 2009, against the backdrop in which the commercial contract for the leasing of Microsoft licences, signed on 15 April 2004, was set to expire, Gabriel Sandu, in his capacity as Communications Minister, chose to sign a new software leasing contract, something that could have been done solely through a public tender.

Against this backdrop, Dinu Pescariu and Claudiu Florica, in their capacity as representatives of D.Con.Net AG, seeking to win the public tender, contacted Gabriel Sandu, via a businessman, and allegedly paid him 2,196,035 euros for this purpose. The DNA points out that the Supreme Court convicted businessman Dorin Cocos and Gabriel Sandu for influence peddling on 24 March 2016 on account of these crimes.

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