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August 1, 2021

DNA: Dan Andronic charged with perjury and connivance in 2009 presidential campaign case

Dan Andronic has been indicted for perjury and connivance because in September 2016, when he was heard in a case concerning the presidential campaign of 2009, he allegedly made false statements about the money that his company received in return for the political consultancy services he provided during the elections campaign, accrediting the idea that the defendants did not commit the crimes they were charged with.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) announced on Tuesday that Dan Andronic, businessman and political consultant, is a suspect, being accused of perjury and connivance.

“On 22 September 2016, as part of the criminal probe carried out in order to clarify the case concerning the payment of services rendered during the 2009 elections campaign, payment made with money suspected to have been the proceeds of crime, suspect Andronic Dan-Catalin, in his deposition under oath, made statements that do not match the truth about aspects essential to the case about which he was asked, seeking to block/hinder the process of holding criminally accountable some of the persons indicted in the case,” according to prosecutors.

Dan Andronic allegedly lied to the investigators about the significance of sums of money that the D.A. Communication Media SRL, a company in which he was an associate, collected from the companies managed by defendant Giovanni-Mario Francesco, “trying to accredit the idea that the persons indicted did not commit the crimes they were charged with and that the sums have nothing to do with the political consultancy services rendered by the suspect during the elections campaign.”

Dan Andronic was at the DNA on Tuesday, to be notified about the charges brought against him and the fact that he is a suspect in this case.

Political consultant and journalist Dan Andronic spent approximately one hour at the DNA, pointing out on his way out that he has been making revelations about the 2009 presidential campaign for a long time, so one cannot say he did so because he knew he was going to be summoned at the DNA.

The persons indicted in the case concerning the presidential elections campaign of 2009 are: Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu – ex-President Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter, Gheorghe Nastasia, Victor Tarhon, former Oil Terminal CEO Ioan Silviu Wagner and businessman Giovanni Mario Francesco – Ioana Basescu’s former lover.

“Defendant Udrea Elena Gabriela was the link between the persons who were illegally obtaining the money and the providers of campaign-related services. She was heading one of the candidates’ informal campaign staff and, in this capacity, was coordinating both the purchase of campaign services and the persons who acted as brokers for the payments made, in order for the money to reach the companies providing the services. The remittance of criminal benefits was made through fictitious contracts signed with companies that were in fact providing elections campaign services, namely outdoor advertisement, printing of posters, media advertisement, the building of webpages, press monitoring, the organising of shows, consultancy services,” according to the prosecutors.

Dan Andronic’s hearing comes after he wrote that Laura Codruta Kovesi and Florian Coldea are two of the persons who helped Traian Basescu win the presidential elections of 2009.

Andronic said he called Gabriel Oprea back then, the latter telling him to go over to his house because he needed him there. On his arrival, Andronic found George Maior, Florian Coldea and Laura Codruta Kovesi there.

“I froze. The State was there! SRI Director George Maior, SRI First Deputy Director Florian Coldea, Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi, former Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea and another high-ranking person, whom I did not know, were there in that office. The expats’ votes. Here, Florian Coldea had a lot of data and figures, but George Maior was receiving information too. I believe that, while I was there, Kovesi received at least two phone calls which she answered by saying “yes, Mr President.” She was then leaving the room and continuing the phone conversation. Obviously, Kovesi was an important member of the group, I understood that based on the way she was asking about the actions that could be carried out. Laura Codruta Kovesi, George Maior, Florian Coldea, Gabriel Oprea remained in that room… The people who made Traian Basescu’s victory possible in 2009,” Andronic wrote.

Andronic was heard at the DNA in September 2016 too. Back then, he gave a brief statement as witness in a 2015 case, without revealing what he told the investigators and which was the case in which he was heard.

In January 2017, Dan Andronic wrote on Facebook that he met Florian Coldea at the Istanbul Airport in February 2010, just like Sebastian Ghita claimed prior to that, and that he talked with him, adding he knew Coldea from the elections campaign of 2009.

“I ran into SRI General Florian Coldea at the Istanbul Airport in February 2010. We had met in the elections campaign of 2009, back when I worked with Traian Basescu. I talked with General Coldea for a few minutes, he didn’t tell me where he was coming from and whether he was accompanied. He boarded that plane,” Andronic wrote back then.

Dan Andronic also pointed out that the plane was a Tarom plane, adding that he found more clues from the flight tickets and the date of the meeting corresponds to the Ghita-Coldea holiday in Seychelles.


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