Egg hunt at Peles Castle

On the terraces of one of the most important historical buildings in Romania made in Sinaia, which is a unique by its historical and artistic value, 500 painted eggs are waiting, in the “Holy Thursday”, to be discovered by children. The event is organized within a new edition of the “Easter Egg Hunt at Peles Castle”.

Peles National Museum of Sinaia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, organizes a new edition of the event called “Easter Egg Hunt at Peles Castle”. The event will take place on Thursday, April 13, 2017, starting at 12.00; children are waited to start searching for the 500 painted eggs that are hidden in the park and terraces around the famous castle in Sinaia. As in the previous editions, children who will participate to this competition consisting in finding painted eggs in grass will also receive gifts, namely chocolate eggs and bunnies. Initiated in 2011, this event has become more and more beloved by children, reason for which, in the recent years, the organizers decided to make available for the hunt much more eggs, hundreds of eggs.

The “Egg Hunt” is an event included in the special program of the Peles Castle for the Easter Holiday. Specifically, the castle will be open on the eve of the Fest of Resurrection, on April 15, from 9.15 to 12.15, as well as on April 17 – the second Easter day, from 10.15 to 16.15. The castle will be closed on the first day of Easter – April 16, as well as on April 18.

To be mentioned that the “Egg Hunt” is specific to the Anglo-Saxon traditions, while it was internationally recognized in the USA, through the event annually organized by the White House, to which children and celebrities participate, the President and the First Lady being the hosts. For instance, last year, the souvenir eggs were signed by the former residents of the White House – the Obama family. But the collection also included eggs “stamped” with the paws of the presidential dogs, and each child under 13 who came to the White House, received one of the eggs with dedications.

The tradition of this fest was launched in 1878 by the American President of that time – Rutherford Birchard Hayes, and by his wife, Lucy, becoming one of the oldest annual events in the White House’s history. For instance, in 1981, the President of that time – Reagan, and his wife Nancy, were the hosts of a wooden egg hunt; the eggs were “decorated” with the signatures of actors, politicians and famous athletes.

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