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August 3, 2021

Former PM Ponta: No role for me as long as Dragnea holds PSD helm, I don’t believe in monocratic rule

Social-Democrat deputy Victor Ponta says that he will have no role whatsoever in the Social Democratic Party (PSD) as long as Liviu Dragnea will be at the helm of the formation, because he cannot squeeze into a “monocratic” formula where “one alone knows it all.”

“As long as Liviu Dragnea is PSD Chairman I will not have any role whatsoever. I told Dragnea I want to withdraw from PSD and he subsequently contacted me to say I should wait a little longer. (…) I don’t believe in a monocratic rule. (…) I am not part of this team and I can’t understand the idea of a team where one alone knows is all. If I say there’s something I don’t like about Liviu Dragnea, a party comrade should not necessarily come out publicly to say I attacked Romania. But I didn’t like the idea that my taking a swipe at Liviu Dragnea puts national achievements at jeopardy,” Victor Ponta told the national broadcaster TVR 1 on Monday evening, in a blunt reference to practices in the defunct Romanian Communist Party.

Referring to the situation generated by the controversial Ordinance No. 13, Ponta said he is bothered by the lack of commitment. “I don’t think a government where everything is being decided elsewhere can perform,” said Ponta citing as an example the procedure for the adoption of the uniform pay law.

“The law is the government’s initiative, and I, as an MP, cast my vote on it, but it’s not mine,” Ponta mentioned, asserting on the other hand that Dragnea should not be banned from holding PM or government office, the more so as – in his opinion – the “Referendum” case in which Dragnea was handed down a conviction was a “political masquerade”.

The former PM said a fair decision should not result in a lifelong ban for certain persons from serving in government positions.

Victor Ponta also referred to last year’s parliamentary elections, underscoring that the winners of the December 2016 vote rode the wave of the performance of the previous government headed by him, and that both PSD and the United Romania Party (PRU) have used his image in the election campaign, and now PRU leader Bogdan Diaconu joined forces with Dragnea.

“When you win 3 million votes (the PSD voter base) you shouldn’t act as if you grabbed all the 18 million votes. The electoral campaign targets the party’s own electorate, governing is for all,” said the former PM.

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