PM Grindeanu: General decentralisation strategy, highly important to us; we’ll do it with Justice Ministry’s accord

The overall decentralisation strategy is a highly important project to us, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said Wednesday, adding that the process will be conducted with Justice Ministry’s accord.

“We have today the first draft of a decision regarding the approval of the overall decentralisation strategy. This is a highly important project to us. It is a first step we will be taking in this decentralisation process, a process that we started some years ago and which we are not discarding, but we want to continue,” Grindeanu said in the beginning of a government meeting.

He added that the overall decentralisation strategy regards several areas, such as agriculture, culture, tourism, environment, health, education, youth, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Grindeanu went on to say that it is the duty of each organisation and minister to conduct opportunity studies.

“Very shortly we will come up with a deadline that we will all commit to, including you and the relevant ministries in drawing up the strategy,” Grindeanu told the Cabinet members.

He said the decentralisation process will be carried out with the Justice Ministry’s accord, saying that he is unhappy with the fact that the ministry has failed to agree yet on the boardwalk of Tulcea City being switched under the authority of the local public administration.

“I want each of you to hold talks inside your organisations, ministries, agencies (…) so that no barrier is left in place in the decentralisation process, which we will conduct also with the accord of the Justice Ministry. Because today I would have liked to pass at our meeting all that concerns that Tulcea boardwalk, but I understand there is no approval from the Justice Ministry. Maybe the ladies and gentlemen of the Justice Ministry who have failed to approve the move will go and see for themselves how the Tulcea boardwalk looks line and why it should be switched over under the authority of the local administration,” said Grindeanu.

He also mentioned camps. “There are other examples as well, such as the camps, that have fallen into decay because some in the central administration believe the camps should continue to operate under the management of the central administration. I am calling on you to get this decentralisation process imposed upon. People have been waiting for it and we have pledged responsibility for it,” said Grindeanu.

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