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January 19, 2021

PM Grindeanu requests IntMin Dan to find solutions for easing traffic flow at border crossing points. Trucks face queues of approximately 10 kilometers at Romania-Bulgaria border

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeau requested on Wednesday Interior Minister Carmen Dan to find urgent solutions, including through field trips and discussions with authorities in Hungary and Bulgaria, in order to ensure an easy traffic flow at the border crossing points the in the period of Easter holidays, especially at the Nadlac customs, which provides the link to Hungary, and the Giurgiu customs, which ensures the link with Bulgaria.

“I have seen over the last days queues at the border crossing points. I am convinced that in the following days these queues will increase, taking into account that Easter holidays are coming and many Romanians who work abroad are returning home. I don’t want to get into details, perhaps you will carry out a dialogue with the Foreign Affairs Ministry in respect to our partners in Hungary, there are the longest lines, and with their help to have a dialogue with the ones in Hungary. I am interested and I believe that every Romanian who comes home is, after spending many hours driving, to enter as quickly as possible in the country. And I believe that it would be best to go there. You take also the chief of Border Police and go there, maybe even tomorrow [on Thursday – e.n.] to see at the scene what’s the situation,” the PM told the Interior Minister Carmen Dan in the opening of the Gov’t meeting.

Grindeanu added that on Wednesday morning he had a discussion with officials of the Nadlac border crossing point and found out from them that the waiting time is “somewhere around two hours, very much.”

“This time will increase if measures won’t be taken together and I ask you to have this dialogue with the partners in Hungary and with the ones in Bulgaria in order to shorten this time. I believe that it’s absolutely necessary to do so […] I really want solutions and I ask you nicely to find solutions, together with the people from the Border Police, so that, especially now, in this period, we avoid unpleasant situations,” the PM stated.

Minister Carmen Dan explained that there is already “a plan of measures” which also includes her field trip to certain border crossing points.


Trucks face queues of approximately 10 kilometers at Romania-Bulgaria border; nervous drivers honk on DN5


The trucks standing in line, waiting to cross the border to Bulgaria through the Giurgiu-Ruse customs stretched on Wednesday afternoon on approximately ten kilometers, while the nervous drivers who station on the National Road (DN) 5, on the first of the two lanes, from Bucuresti-Giurgiu direction, awaiting the border control, are honking intermittently.

“Last evening, there was also a line and now, I don’t know why the traffic through the Giurgiu-Ruse border crossing point, towards Bulgaria hasn’t been regulated yet,” Marian N., a truck driver stated for Agerpres on Wednesday.

“Last year we waited and lines would form because works were carried out on the Friendship Bridge, now there are lines because since the beginning of this year the travel vignette on roads in Bulgaria can be purchased only at the counters of the border point. Before, we could purchase the vignette from gas stations or other points, it’s hard even for us to wait for hours at the border,” Nelu E. stated, who is another truck driver who waits to get to the border control on the DN 5, next to Remus village, about seven kilometers from the Giurgiu customs.

According to Spokesperson of the Giurgiu County Border Police (ITPF) Cristina Onofrei, through the Giurgiu-Ruse customs, at the border with Bulgaria, in the last 24 hours a number of 33 touring cars have entered the country and 22 left the country, 811 vehicles entered and 524 exited, a number of 759 trucks entered and 831 exited the country.

Furthermore, over the last 24 hours, through Giurgiu-Ruse customs a number of 3,512 EU citizens entered and 2,224 EU citizens exited, while 740 citizens who are not from the EU entered in Romania and 519 exited.

According to the Border Police website, the waiting time for exiting Romania through the Giurgiu-Ruse customs, towards Bulgaria, is approximately 10 minutes, but this timing is calculated for the vehicles which have already reached the border crossing point, the ones that line-up now, at approximately 10 kilometers from the border have to wait even six hours to cross the border.

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