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May 16, 2021

2017, declared “Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz – 100 Year” by the Gov’t

2017 was declared on Wednesday through a Government Decision “Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz – 100 Year”, dedicated to the 100th commemoration of the Romanian troops’ sacrifice in the fights that took place in these eastern localities of Romania.

According to a Government release, the National Defence Ministry (MApN) will organise symbolical cultural, artistic events as well as other specific actions, tribute to this manifestation.

“So, the series of manifestations dedicated to the Great War’s Centennial will be continued this year, by marking the main historical events of 1917 – the battles of Marasti, Marasesti and Oituz – and the commemoration of the Romanian heroes who lost their lives in these battles. The victories of the Romanian troops in the summer of 2017 have had a particular importance, paid with countless deaths, ending in the Great Union of 1 December 1918,” the source adds

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