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September 19, 2021

Alba Iulia City Hall: Invitation to Prince Charles to become Prince of Transylvania, part of unconventional campaign

The original invitation extended by the Alba Iulia City Hall to Charles, Prince of Wales, to visit the city to get the honorary title of “Prince of Transylvania” is an initiative supported by an unconventional campaign to convince the British heir apparent to accept it, the city hall said Wednesday in a press statement.

“The City Hall of Alba Iulia, the historic capital of Transylvania, has extended an original invitation to Charles, Prince of Wales, to visit the city to receive the title of ‘Prince of Transylvania’. The initiative is doubled by an unconventional campaign to convince His Royal Highness to accept the invitation. The decision is the result of Prince Charles’ constant promotion in the world of Romanian tourism and particularly the province of Transylvania,” reads the statement.

The honorary title is a sign of appreciation for the prince’s honest devotion and treasuring of Transylvania.

“The title also refers to the relation between the British heir apparent and Vlad the Impaler, whom Charles called a distant relative through his grand-grandmother Queen Marie. ‘Transylvania is in my blood,’ the royal was saying light-heartedly on a recent visit to Romania,’ adds the statement.

The statement acknowledges that a Romanian city cannot bestow royal titles. The local administration says the open letter to Prince Charles was designed light-heartedly to convey a note of humour, but the invitation to visit the city is serious.

Such initiative is meant to draw attention in a creative manner to facts, according to the Alba Iulia local administration. “Fact is we have deployed sustained efforts to grow the city for locals and tourists alike. Prince Charles’ interest in Romania and particularly Transylvania is yet another fact. We would certainly be glad if Prince Chares draws the attention of potential investors to the city of Alba Iulia and especially the Palace of Transylvanian Princes of Alba Iulia, which refurbishment needs major investment to fully reopen to the public,” the statement adds.

The invitation to Prince Charles to visit Alba Iulia and get the honorary title of Prince of Transylvania is a PR stunt designed by the city’s administration to shine a light on the city, whereas the title means nothing constitutionally, Spokesman for the Alba Iulia City Hall Mihai Coser said earlier on Wednesday.

He added that the invitation, signed by Mayor Mircea Hava, and carried by the British press as an open letter, has been officially sent to Prince Charles as well.

Coser added that no response has come from the royal yet.

British press reported that Prince Charles has been offered the honorary title by the Alba Iulia mayor, carrying the letter to the prince written in English.

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