Archbishop Ioan Robu: Easter Holy Night is “a vigil in Lord’s honour”

Easter Holy Night represents a “vigil in the Lord’s honour,” states the Roman Catholic archbishop of Bucharest, Ioan Robu, in his Easter letter.

“According to an ancient tradition, Easter Holy Night is a ‘vigil for the Lord” (Lk 12,42), so that the faithful, following the Gospel’s admonition (Lk 12.35 to 37) carrying lighted lamps in their hands, should be like those looking for the Lord when He returns, so that at His coming He may find them awake and have them seated at His table,” says the Roman Catholic high hierarch.

His Eminence Robu reviews the “four distinct moments” of the Resurrection Holy Night Vigil, from the “ceremony of light, in which fire is blessed” (Lucernarium) and “the solemn Resurrection proclamation” (Easter Proclamation) to the “attentive listening to the Word of God” (Liturgy of the Word) when “the Holy Church, and we with it, meditate on the miraculous deeds of the Lord, described in the Holy Scripture.”

“Pope Saint John Paul II orated on this passage of the Scripture: ‘The poetic style of the story of creation in Genesis captures man’s wonder face to the immensity of creation and his feeling of adoration towards the One Who brought everything into being. It is a page with a strong religious significance, a hymn to the Creator of the universe, Who, in the face of repeated temptation to deify the world itself, is designated as the only Lord. It is, at the same time, a hymn that proclaims that the whole creation is good, being fully knead by the strong and merciful hand of God “(Dies Domini, no. 9),” mentions the archbishop.

His Eminence recalls the third moment of the Vigil, “the Baptismal Liturgy” reaching the fourth, which “consists in the calling to the table the Lord has prepared for His people through His Death and Resurrection”.

“Thus, the link between the mystery of Easter and the Eucharistic celebration reveals itself stronger. Therefore, the Sunday Mass is called the week’s Easter, the day that celebrates Christ’s triumph over sin and death. In the same apostolic letter ‘Dies Domini ‘ (no. 2 ), Pope Saint John Paul II said that the Resurrection of Christ is “the first element on which the Christian faith is based on” (1 Cor 15:14). It is an amazing reality that we fully perceive in the light of faith, but which was historically attested by those who had the privilege of seeing the Risen Lord. It is also a great event not just standing out in a totally unique way in human history, but also resides at the heart of the mystery of time,” further preaches the Archbishop.

His Eminence wishes all those who celebrate Easter on Sunday “blessed Easter holidays” and the traditional “Christ is risen!”

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