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May 24, 2022

Cardinal Lucian: Easter Feast takes us from Lent shore to haven of joy of union with Living God

Every year, Easter celebration takes us from the shore of fasting and repentance to the haven of the joy of being with the Living God, Cardinal Lucian, Major Archbishop of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church, writes in his Pastoral Letter to the clergy and faithful on the occasion of Holy Easter.

“Like every year, Lent has taken each of us to the crucial moment of faith: Resurrection. Respecting everyone’s pace, smaller or wider, respecting our so different condition and state the Lord has helped us all to once again make a symbolic 40-day symbolic pilgrimage. Emerged from the Egypt of sin, we embarked on a spiritual crossing of the Red Sea following the route of the chosen people; out of the world that makes our everyday surroundings, we were invited to enter the desert that sets us face to face with our weaknesses and impotence; as we exit the old man, the path to the renewed man opens to us. Reliving these moments loaded with Paschal significance, we prepare every year for the Great Passage where the symbols will give way to the true Life and the veil that prevents us from beholding the Lord face to face will fall off our eyes,” the Cardinal says.

According to the high Greek Catholic clergyman, the “Resurrection of Jesus radically transforms the history of humankind, but remains at its core a supernatural, mysterious, transcendent fact that exceeds our power of understanding,” the Lord’s Resurrection, glorious and yet mysterious, addressing “not so much our bodily eyes, but the eyes of faith.”

“To recognize the Risen Christ it wasn’t enough to have known Him before, to have traveled with Him the roads of Palestine, to have heard Him preaching or to have had the last supper with Him. No! A different kind of understanding and recognition was necessary to Mary Magdalene, to the apostles but also for us, a superior knowledge carried by faith. The Resurrection of the Lord, glorious and yet mysterious, addressing not so much our bodily eyes, but the eyes of faith: that faith strengthened by the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day, when the apostles will receive the courage and the energy to get out of hiding and face any risks and dangers to proclaim the Risen Lord,” the Cardinal writes.

He notes that “the encounter between the Christian soul and Lord Jesus in the Garden of Resurrection sends our entire system of gears and certainties into crisis.”

“Like the group of frightened disciples, we hear the voice of the Church announcing us the Good News and we live with the risk of not seeing in the mysterious Presence but a mere gardener. Only by opening our lives to the voice of Him who calls each of us by name, like He did with Mary Magdalene, will the joy of faith fill us, allowing us to vividly proclaim to everyone: Yes, the Lord is truly risen! Come ye take joy!,” concludes His Beatitude Lucian.

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