Chief tax officer Stan : Short of 3,000 employees, ANAF tries to cope with household tax

The National Tax Administration Agency is undersized by 3,000 positions, ANAF Chairman Bogdan Stan said Thursday, adding that if a household tax is introduced, the agency will try to cope.

“All that regards taxes and forecasts is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Finance Ministry. If a decision is made to advance this household tax, we will certainly adjust to the reality and implement the related legislation. […] This tax is in the Government’s cards […]. We will certainly try to cope with it,” Stan said at the Government House in response to whether or not ANAF is ready for the new type of taxation.

Asked whether ANAF employees can meet the requirements for the new taxation system, Stan said: “I understand that the time horizon is 2018. An analysis will probably be made and the best solution will be taken by then.”

He added that ANAF currently employs 25,000 people. “We are short of 3,000 positions, as the government decision for our operation provides for 28,000 positions,” said Stan.

He also warned that under the legislation in force tax inspectors cannot be tax advisers, the positions to be created for the new taxation system.

“Currently, no fiscal inspector may simultaneously be a tax adviser as well. Under the public servant law, that would be an instance of conflict of interest. It remains to be seen whether or not a different decision is made to change the legislative framework,” said Stan.

Asked about how many households are there in Romania, Stan answered: “I do not think household now is not very well defined.”

The Finance Ministry is working on a bill amending the Tax Code that includes introducing, as from January 1, 2018, a 10-percent flat income tax, providing tax deductions and unveiling the notion of fiscally recognised households, Finance Minister Viorel Sefan told a news conference at the Government House on Wednesday.

He added that tax advisers will be created for the purpose of the new tax law that cannot be hired by the tax payers. He said the Government will pledge to provide the advisers, who will provide free of charge services to the tax payers who will have to file an aggregate income tax form.

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