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October 27, 2021

Ciolos: Romania needs a really applicable uniform pay law

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos says that Romania needs a “really applicable” uniform pay law and not only made “to confound or numb legitimate expectations.”

“We particularly need to solve intra- and inter-sectoral inequities,” on Thursday night posted Ciolos on his Facebook page.

According to him, in the absence of realism and honesty in approaching the figures, “we risk to sell illusions only.” And “we risk to transfer the growth in the Romanians pockets, yet not the economic growth (that we could blow) but the taxes’ and duties’ increase in order to pay (this time dearly than in the previous years, because we are doing it with premeditation) the wish of certain politicians to buy political capital with the money of the Romanians, and much worse with the money and work of the future generations,” the former Premier wrote.

Ciolos asserted that the uniform pay law must come bundled with a wider “vision.”

“This law should come bundled with a vision on how we alleviate the public administration ‘s running, the organisation of the Health system and Education system, and yet with some explanations and clarifications, too, linked to the current majority’s vision regarding the tackling of the minimum wage which I understand it is a reference point in the calculation of the wage scales,” posted Dacian Ciolos, adding that “without this minimum approach coherence, we risk to pay dearly the deeply populist experiments.”

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