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August 10, 2022

PNL’s Orban says he runs for PNL chairmanship to secure party unity

Candidate for the chairmanship of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said Thursday in the western city of Timisoara that his bid is designed to clearly imprint a right-of-centre, liberal conservative identity on the party and also to secure party unity.

”When the PNL National Political Bureau started the internal election procedures, I officially announced running for the party’s chairmanship. I am running so that I may imprint clearly a right-of-centre, liberal conservative identity on the party, to provide force and credibility to the party’s public message. I am also running to secure the unity of PNL,” Orban told a news conference.

He said that the party had a hard life after failing by much to meet the expectations in the 2016 general election, yet voicing conviction that the party will recover after the internal elections.

”I am convinced that the internal elections are the beginning of our recovery, because Romania needs PNL. It is increasingly more noticeable that those who won power did so by lies, by promises divorced from reality, as it is also increasingly noticeable from the first months of their governance that they are unable to steer Romania on the right track as they also are incapable of continuing the economic growth and development inherited from the previous government,” said Orban.

In his turn, MP Ben-Oni Ardelean said PNL might get a chance to prepare to take over the reins of power after the internal elections given that the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major in the ruling coalition, cannot pay the wages it promised.

”It might be that after our internal elections this June we ends up with governing not because we have toppled it, because its 65-percent parliamentary majority makes that impossible, but the economy surely will topple them. It is clear as day that they cannot pay such wages. It does not take an economics wizard to realise that such financial projection is unsustainable by Romania’s budget,” said Ardelean.

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