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May 18, 2022

Prosecutors’ Association files with Justice Ministry and Labour Ministry memos on standard salary scales bill

The Prosecutors’ Association of Romania has sent to the Labour Ministry and the Justice Ministry memos about the existence of financial status discrepancies between judges and prosecutors in the standard salary scales bill.

“The Prosecutors’ Association of Romania notes, with surprise and concern, the existence of financial status discrepancies between the professions of judge and prosecutor. The discriminations are incomprehensible and unacceptable, considering that the bill does not contain, not in its general provision nor in its specific provisions for the judiciary category, any reasoning for the different application of salary coefficients starting with the moment magistrates become prosecutors or judges,” reads a communique remitted by the Association.

Another problem that prosecutors point out concerns the fact that “for judges, seniority consists solely of the period the magistrate held the office of judge; for prosecutors, seniority consists solely of the period the magistrate held the office of prosecutor. This ruling affects the rights of all magistrates, since seniority was and is recognised in the magistracy for judges and prosecutors from the moment they enter this profession. Enforcing this provision on judges who became prosecutors or on prosecutors who became judges would seriously affect their already-won rights.”

The Association claims that the bill contains discrimination that runs counter to constitutional provisions on the equality of rights.

The Association notes that even though the bill points out that it considers the exigencies imposed by international documents regarding the efficient functioning of the judiciary, in reality the bill does not observe this exigency. We emphasise that CVM reports constantly insisted on the need to establish the legislation in the field of the judiciary, including in what concerns the financial status of judges and prosecutors.

Thus, the Association announces that it has filed memos with both the Labour Ministry and the Justice Ministry. The memos “present detailed observations on the articles of the framework bill on the public sector’s standard salary scales, articles that must be amended,” the prosecutors point out.



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