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July 23, 2021

Romania’s beer market in 2016 was in line with the previous year level

The Romanian Brewers Association announced on Wednesday the evolution of the beer market during 2016. The beer market volume stood at 15.8 million hl, a level that has also been reached in 2015. The consumption per capita stood in turn to the previous year, of 80 l.

“The results of 2016 are a natural evolution for a competitive market, as it is the beer market. The stable tax context was the one that allowed the beer market to evolve naturally, in the absence of some pressure factors that would condition the trend “, said Shachar Shaine, the  chairman of the Romanian Brewers Association of Romania.

The beer production is a real incentive for the Romania’s economic growth by creating jobs nationwide, generating of added value in all the related activities and through important contributions to the state budget with paid taxes. Due to its national character, defined by the local production over over 97% and 70% ingredients from the Romanian agriculture, the beer sector has a significant influence on the employment rate of workforce, by creating at national level, directly and indirectly of about 85,000 jobs.

Even while the market volume in 2016 has maintained at the level of the previous year, one thing is certain: the beer industry has all the assets to remain a key element of the positive development of the local economy. “The Romanian agriculture is one of the sectors on which the beer production puts visibly a positive influence. Thus, because 70% of the ingredients for beer manufacturing come from Romania, over 10,000 Romanians have a job in agriculture”, added Julia Leferman, General Manager of the Romanian Brewers Association.


The beer market in 2016


  • Imports: while in 2016 the imports showed a very slight increase over the previous year, of 0.09 million hectoliters, reaching a total of 0.44 million hl, the beer market in Romania continues to keep the profound national character, the share of local production remains at over 97% of the domestic consumption.


  • Exports: in terms of exports, these have registered a slight decrease of 0.08 million hectoliters in comparison with the previous year, reaching a total of 0.42 million hl.


  • Investments: the investment efforts of the members of the Association were constant over time, the total investment recorded in 2016 an upward trend compared to the previous year. The value of investments in 2016 was amounted to 69.7 million euros, up to 14.2 million euros compared with 2015.


Until now, the cumulative investment made by the Association members from their entrance in the market reached a total of 1.4 billion Euro.


  • Number of employees: despite a slight decrease in the number of jobs in the production of beer, at the level the Association’s members, from 3700 in 2015 to 3600 in 2016, the beer industry remains an important stimulus of the economy and contribute to the creation of 85,000 jobs nationwide.

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